How I Earn Nano For Free... Every Month

How I Earn Nano For Free... Every Month

By KeenanRIVALS | Nano Nation | 11 Dec 2019


It's been a while since I've made a blog here, partially due to the fact that not much has changed in this space. Up until now, I've given you guys all my tips & tricks, but this one, this new one, maybe the best of them all.

You guys have heard of Brave right? The Browser that pays you to surf the web. If you're not familiar with how it works then no worries, it's very simple. Brave is a fork of Chrome, except it's a private version. No one is tracking you and you aren't getting blasted with advertisements... unless you want to. Brave gives there users option and one of the options is if you see advertisements or not. If you decide to opt-out, no problem, enjoy the ad-free browser, but if you decide to opt-in, then, well, you get paid.

For every ad you engage with Brave gives you a little kickback using their $BAT token. The amount you earn fluctuates, but I've noticed that every month I earn somewhere between $5-10 simply for clicking ads that Google would normally force me to see. Over the last few months, this has been awesome, as I have a nice stash of BAT tokens, but moving forward, I'll be switching those BAT tokens for Nano ones... Let me tell you how.

See, Brave uses $BAT and $BAT is partnered with Uphold. At the beginning of each month, your BAT tokens are deposited into your Uphold wallet. Typically, mine would sit there, but now I can swap them for Nano and it's extremely easy! All I have to do is go to my BAT wallet in the Uphold app, hit trade, select Nano as my trading pair, confirm and then boom! I now have Nano available to hold or sell.


Uphold does all the work for you and the transaction happens instantly. If you haven't signed up for the Brave Browser then I suggest you do so, it's the key piss to earning Nano for free! It's an easy way to earn Nano and it takes no effort, you're literally just doing what you would normally do.


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