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Banano The Future of Meme Coins

By TaterSalad | Nano_Banano_and_More | 2 Mar 2021

In my last post, I talked about how beginner-friendly and community-driven Nano was. If you are interested in similar technology and memes rich in potassium, may I introduce you to Banano. 

Banano is a fork of Nano made on April 1, 2018. Even though this coin sounds like a joke and was even made on April fools day, it is the next big meme coin. With a market cap of only $5.8 million, the potential to grow is through the roof. With its main connection to Nano, Nano growth equals Banano growth. However, I believe that Banano may grow faster than nano through their Airdrop programs focused around other coins, not just Nano and the Nano community members finding out about them. If you are or were a Nano hodler from February 22-28, you are in luck because you are eligible for a Banano airdrop this month. All you have to do is import your seed into Kalium, and you will have a ban_ address equal to your nano_ address.

Like Nano, Banano is very Noob friendly, with their discord server loving to give out tips frequently, have giveaways, rains, and contests. Banano's Subreddit is also very helpful for beginners trying to learn about the coin. There is also an emerging project within the Banano community called Banano Time dedicated to helping Noobs get their first Bans and have raffles and contests daily. 

Overall, if you are looking for a coin with a community based on solid tech, good memes, quality shitposts, generous givers, and a beginner-friendly environment, Banano might be the crypto for you. Come on over, give us a try. 

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