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The Nano Community is Growing and Beginner Friendly

By TaterSalad | Nano_Banano_and_More | 1 Mar 2021

I recently joined the Nano subreddit, r/Nanocurrency, and was overwhelmed by the amount of support that poured in. If you haven't heard of Nano, it is a feeless, instant, and energy-efficient crypto. It also has Open Representative voting and a highly decentralized network with 6 entities controlling 51% of the voting power. (soon 7).
The community is very helpful to a beginner like myself. I made a post wondering what my options were to earn some Nano as a beginner, and the sub directed me to two faucets Free Nano Faucet and  Nano Faucet. r/Nanocurrency also directed me to some games such as  Nano Quake, which is basically Quake III, where you earn Nano for every frag, Player Killers Exchange, where you earn nano for killing NPCs and players, We Nano, a Pokemon Go type app where you can collect Nano at different locations around the world, and my personal favorite Nano Bomb, a Minesweeper type game. You can also see many other ways to earn Nano at Earn Nano.

Nano also has its own Meme coin fork, Banano, which I will discuss in another article. But overall, Nano is the future of P2P crypto is quick, easy, simple, efficient, and very beginner-friendly. 

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