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Crypto is here to stay

Why Stratos can be a Game-Changer that Can Bring Web 3.0 to Life !!

11 Oct 2021 5 minute read 0 comments N

  Decentralized digital assets like cryptocurrency or NFTs have not been around for very long, but the idea of a Semantic Web, a decentralized space where anyone can do anything with the network, is not a new idea. The concept of Web 3.0 talks about...

Why upcoming Rangers Protocol is a better bet !!

7 Oct 2021 3 minute read 0 comments N

  People often consider traditional indicators like market caps to decide which crypto platforms to invest in, with the higher market caps promising a stabler, and risk-free investment and the lower market caps providing high potential for growth and...

Is this the next 100x Polkastarter Gem !!

1 Oct 2021 3 minute read 0 comments N

  Cryptocurrency is here to stay — with countries debating the adoption of crypto as their official currency to NFTs exploding into popularity among artists and collectors across the world, blockchains and digital currency are gaining traction slowl...

How to earn crypto for free !! Read on

4 May 2021 5 minute read 0 comments N

  Cryptocurrency is everywhere in the news. Seeing massive gains or hearing stories of how crypto has changed many lives, I am sure you are tempted to invest.  For an entrant, the market prices of a lot of good projects are already in the higher ran...

Dora Factory — #HODL and unleash Profits

24 Mar 2021 2 minute read 0 comments N

  What is Dora Factory? Backed by the DoraHacks Global Hackathon Series, HackerLlink Grants and supported by prominent VC funds including Fundamental Labs, Signum Capital, and LongHash Ventures, Dora Factory describes itself as an “open-source, comm...

Dora Factory and its story of Winning over Venture Firms!!!

17 Mar 2021 2 minute read 1 comment N

  Recently The Duckdao has announced the hosting of Dora Factory IDO in Duckdao’s IDO Platform, DuckSTARTER. DuckDAO is a community-backed digital asset incubator that provides promising early-stage crypto startups with the expertise, financial reso...

Rise of the Kingdom of Blockchain Developers.

13 Mar 2021 2 minute read 1 comment N

  Blockchain has the potential to change the way we arrange, record and verify transactions, with the underlying model shifting away from a centralised structure towards decentralised systems. The heart of the blockchain revolution is the blockcha...

Central Bank Digital Currency Design (CBDCs) gets a new Key Roundtable Member: Bank of England

25 Aug 2020 2 minute read 1 comment N

  As per Wikipedia  Central bank digital currency (CBDC, also called digital fiat currency or digital base money) is the digital form of fiat money (a currency established as money by government regulation, monetary authority, or law). The present co...

Huobi FastTrack is back !! Win rewards worth $500,000

29 Jul 2020 3 minute read 2 comments N

  It's a tough fight between LUNA(Terra)and CHR(Chromia). Who will win? On July 28, 2020, Huobi Global will officially launch FastTrack Phase 11. In the 11th phase, Huobi Global has announced 2 FastTrack project candidates. LUNA(Terra)and CHR(Chro...

Are these the hottest upcoming projects of 2020?

20 Jul 2020 5 minute read 5 comments N

  Let's start with a disclaimer. This article is based on my personal views and is not a recommendation to invest, buy or sell any cryptocurrency projects. The crypto market is highly volatile and you might end up losing all your investment. So befor...