Is this the next 100x Polkastarter Gem !!

Is this the next 100x Polkastarter Gem !!

By N | N | 1 Oct 2021



Cryptocurrency is here to stay — with countries debating the adoption of crypto as their official currency to NFTs exploding into popularity among artists and collectors across the world, blockchains and digital currency are gaining traction slowly and steadily. Its success is largely due to the rising concerns about security and transparency with regards to banks and other powerful financial institutions. Many coins have already provided investors with manifold returns — BitCoin, DogeCoin and ETH for instance.

However, the crypto space is constantly looking for the next big break. Because the market in the digital currency arena is tumultuous to say the least, investors and developers often find it difficult to pick the right coin or platform to invest in. They keep a close eye on every IDO, so that they can assess new token launches and make the right decisions.


One of the biggest IDO platforms that everyone keeps an eye on is Polkastarter — designed to help projects raise capital in a decentralized and interoperable environment, almost every token that has debuted on Polkastarter has been able to beat the odds and become 10x or 20x valuable. This is why there was great excitement within the crypto community when Polkastarter announced that it had selected Rangers Protocol for its next IDO on Oct 5.

Rangers Protocol is a unique platform that aims to create a high performance blockchain group with cross-chain contract interoperability among the EVM systems of multiple blockchains. They have already been backed by big names in the crypto space like MixMarvel, DODO, Pantera, Hashkey and Almeda Research.

With a team spearheaded by experienced gamers and developers, Rangers Protocol comes packed with features that investors in the crypto space are looking for right now — high security, full compatibility and interoperability with coins like Ethereum and NFT/EVM Enhancement.


Rangers Protocol is led by Jade Zhang, who has over fifteen years of experience in gaming, entrepreneurship and developing. A true veteran of the gaming industry, Zhang has worked for Ubisoft for infamous gaming experiences like Assassin’s Creed, Prince of Persia and Splinter Cell. The games she developed herself has consistently succeeded in topping both the free/paid charts on the App Store, and won several international awards like the Independent Game Award at the Cologne Game Show, Germany.

Jade founded MixMarvel, a blockchain game publishing platform in 2017. Their first published blockchain game, HyperDragons, was extremely successful — Coindesk quoted the image of the dragon as the most influential blockchain figure of the year, while the data on Ethereum attracted 1 million registered users and 20,000 daily active users.

MixMarvel decided to create Rangers Protocol once they realized that blockchain games and applications need an underlying infrastructure — a protocol — that can support interactions on large scales.

After bringing together a core team of developers, data security experts and chief engineers from companies like Alibaba, Tmall, Huawei, Rangers Protocol has created a cross-chain solution that provides security, stability and reliability.

Let’s take a look at the features that give Rangers Protocol an edge over its contemporaries:


Rangers Protocol provides a cross-chain solution that is based on a Secure Multi-Party Computation blockchain technology, fully compatible with Ethereum assets. The migration of existing dapps on the Ethereum Platform can be done in one click, supported by the VRF+BLS consensus algorithm. It is compatible with Ethereum EVM.

Real-Time Results

To solve the rampant interactive problems that comes with cryptocurrency, Rangers Protocol offers the return of real-time execution for most transactions: the user does not have to wait for the block to be generated.

Enhanced NFT/DEFI Protocol

NFT can be reused by multiple dapps, which is why their essential value is reflected in asset reuse and inheritance. The incorporation of protocols like ERC-721 has helped them standardize NFT For digital assets and provide features like life cycle management, a new data structure that promotes data reuse and data rights.

This protocol is highly attractive to artists and collectors who are venturing into the world of NFT, but are unsure of how reliable it is.

Scalability and Verticality

Rangers Protocol is composable and interoperable, and supports interactive applications that have high concurrency. It also supports the reduction of handling fees.


Rangers Protocol is developer-friendly — it supports barrier-free access and offers free switching of Ethereum dapps. This maximizes developer efficiency, even in complex applications using IDE enhancements. With standard SDKs, wallets and browsers, Rangers Protocol provides an integrated development environment that helps you compile and debug without hassles. It is strongly anti-audit, dedicatedly open-source and seeks to serve the crypto community with an open ecosystem that rewards developers and creators generously.


Clearly, Polkastarter chose Rangers Protocol for a reason — their meticulously designed infrastructure makes up for many problems that remain unsolved with many major tokens. While the future of any token is unpredictable, we can safely assume that Protocol Rangers are here to shift the paradigm. Catch their debut IDO on October 5th and decide whether they have it in them to be next 100x gem.

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