A long-term look, can you see it?

A long-term look, can you see it?

By My_crypto_Ideas | MyCryptoIdea | 14 Jan 2021

We have entered the phase in which the institutional ones begin to enter the bitcon market, only a few years ago we were in one of the most difficult periods in the history of the crypto market. If anyone only dared point out the old ATH, the laughter would begin. Well today we can take a good revenge, right? The fundamental point, however, is not being the best or the most intelligent, it is knowing how to see the problems when everything goes well, and knowing how to recognize strengths when everything goes wrong.

I am writing this article precisely to identify the main flaw in today's market. Today I find two main problems that should be solved for healthy and lasting growth as we all expect.

The first problem can be found in the high volatility of the assets, ok we are used to it, but put yourself in the shoes of an investor with low risk appetite for a second, would you enter such a market? Of course, to reduce volatility, an extremely larger market is needed, and this implies the adoption both by strong hands but also and above all by weak hands. However, as we have already established, those with low propensity to risk are pushed away from this market, this creates the classic problem of the dog eating its tail. To solve this problem, a great job of dissemination must be done, to be able to create in the minds of the majority the idea that the crypto market is not a place for scammers or to make easy money, that you do not enter to try your luck and escape with the swag. But it invests in the future and invests to be part of a now necessary change.

The second problem is the domincance of bitcoin, for the sake of the maximalists, the market cannot only support itself on what is now called a store of value. Rather, a sufficiently high value should be created in Dapps and tokens so that the capitalization of bitcon turns out to be only a minor part of the entire market. The immense potential of the crypto market must be developed and conceived in order to make altcoins independent from the fluctuations of bitcoin. This condition would create the basis for a stronger and more consistent market.

For a second then let's leave prices aside, they don't count for anything, let's take part in the revolution and treat our assets not by selling them off but by treating them as the only way to build a more equitable and just future for everyone.


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