Statera Ecosystem's Important Goals - As an investor, consumer, and stakeholder

By SpartanCrypto | My View, Your Choice | 15 Mar 2022

     As you may know, I have been diving deeper into cryptocurrencies and have found Statera (STA), an interesting token, with potential for investors and other stakeholders. I have researched some important goals for the Statera community, and I present them to you below. Before I get started, I always like to let people know that you should always do your own research before purchasing cryptocurrency. If someone repeatedly asks you to invest in altcoins that are unknown (and besides the common BTC, ETH, BNB, etc.), then always be weary.

   DeFi is the future of finance, according to the Statera community. The developers at Statera beleive that t DeFi technologies should be available to everyone, and by decreasing the barrier to entry, they are able to provide people with long-term passive income. With Statera's features (such as burning 1% worth of STA in all transactions), the developers think this will reduce volatility and improve passive income potential, and as a result, they will be able to achieve their communal goals with their community and supporters.

Of course, Statera is ideally suited to act as a force multiplier for any indexed fund, and serve as potent assets in the digital realm, and they are on a journey to accomplish their set goals in the future.

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