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By ionutzu97 | My staking portfolio | 31 Dec 2021

Hello and welcome back my dear readers! :)

It`s 31 December, the last day of the year. It was a hard year, full of events (for me, personal).

In short, I will present my results for this month with StakeCube



December started really well, I staked a nice reward. I will repeat for those who don`t know: All of my money on StakeCube are only from faucets and from the trades I made on the platform. I remember my first post about StakeCube, in February 2020. It is almost 2 years since then.

Even if this month started well, it ended up being not such a good month in stake rewards. I ended up with 5.3 $. I just found my first staking report from the end of May 2020 where I staked in the whole month just 0.5 $. The rewards now are x10 times bigger since then. If in one year I will earn 50$/month continuing without investing, just to make a profit from my trades and buy with that profit miners to mine BTC, I will be really happy.

Top 3 earners :

  • BTC - As usual, BTC is my main source of income, because I have 21 miners bought from those profitable trades. I usually make around 200-210 sats/day. For this month, because BTC dropped in price, I got around 3.15 $.
  • PNY -  PNY got me almost 1$. I will plan to invest more in PNY because of the profits this coin brings.
  • SCC - SCC still gives me interest rewards from holding it. I usually do almost all my trades with the SCC pair, while I am waiting for the trade to be made, I receive interest in SCC.
Summary of this month:


I started this month with 0.00343 BTC, valued at 196 $ when the BTC price was 58.600$. I ended with 0.00352 BTC, valued at 170$, and the price of BTC now is around 47.800$. This is more than a 10k difference in price. We can assume that the 0.0001 BTC diff is worth around 4.5 $, plus I sold SCC and bought 4 new miners today. Each miner cost 4$. That is 16 $ for miners + 4.5 $ = 20.5 $ made this month.

So I made around 15 $ from trading and 5 $ from staking. I would say that it was not a bad month at all, due to my profitable trades.

Staking rewards traker:



October was the best month of this year. We can see a little decrease from the staking rewards,but I expect that January to be the best one so far,because of 2 main reasons : more miners, and more money invested in PNY.

What happened this month 
  • First I bought on 10 December a MasterNode(MN) for Rapids (20 RPD/MN) because there was just one MN left. I would invested more if there were more MN left.
  • On 30 December a new MN was free for ESBC (500 ESBC/MN) and I bought it.
  • Today,31 December I bought 4 new miners for 16 $ (made from trading).
What are my future plans?

For StakeCube I plan to continue to made many trades and buy more miners.

I plan to make a new project,this time investing some real money from my pocket: I plan to invest 1000$ in the top 20 crypto, 50$ in each coin (still thinking if I will include stablecoin or not).

As usually my affiliate link is :


I hope you will have a great new year with great profits. Have a nice day and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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My staking portfolio
My staking portfolio

I will do a review of my stoking portofolios and my opinions about some staking sites/app

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