Alien Worlds updates how to "mine" for NFT's

If you have been around Alien Worlds for a while then you may remember that in the beginning you used to be awarded NFT's from mining on any land. It was a small chance but with your tools you could increase your NFT Luck to have a better chance to get more NFT's as rewards. Then a few months ago the Alien Worlds team turned off mining for new NFT's. It was a sad day and most players were not happy at all.

Well now there is a new system in place to earn new NFT's. What was used to be called NFT Luck is now called NFT Power. That power number determines how much "NFT Points" you earn. You can then trade those 'NFT Points' into NFT's themselves.


Now something to keep in mind with this whole change. Abundant tools do not earn any NFT Points. Only tools that are Common or higher will get your NFT Points. Me personally this is what I am mining with currently.


The Standard Capacitor and Standard Shovel are both Abundant so their 0.5 NFT Power do not count. Only my Power Extractor is Common so I get 1 NFT Point per mission I complete. It isn't a lot but I can mine every 8 minutes or so. It is a trade off for sure.

Besides just earning NFT Points there also is a ranking system. It is another fun little system put in place. As you mine you earn points and obtain levels. As you hit a new level you earn a NFT.


Now what can you get from trading in your NFT Points you ask? Well lucky for you I have the answer! As of right now here is what you can get and how many points the cost.




You can see that those take a ton of points to redeem. So for me earning 1 NFT Point per mine is not likely that I will ever get any of those NFT's. My only real option is the rank earned NFT's and that is lame but it is what it is.

You may remember I posted a while ago about how Alien Worlds is dying and without Thunderdome it is doomed and even with the Thunderdome it may still be doomed. I still stand by that. This new system does breathe new life into the game but it's not enough. The Alien Worlds team has taken way to long without any real updates and timeline to keep their player base. This game has truly been left to it's own demise and is now run by whales who are cashing in on the TLM they are raking in. They have the best tools and are mining insane amounts of TLM. Then are sending their TLM on the Binance missions to earn even more TLM and NFT's. 

I wished Alien Worlds didn't do that route and it stayed as a true Free to Play game but so much time has passed and it was left to the whales for to long that I don't think it can ever come back to it's glory days. Sure it's fun to play. Sure you can mine some TLM and sell it but my guess is most people reading this are not making a lot of TLM or NFT's from their time invested into the game.

Drastic things would need to change for this game to get back to the top and stay there and I just don't know if the Alien Worlds team has the ability to do what it takes to do that. 

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