Bitcoin Quick Price Analysis (25-03-2021)

By Fizz on my Jayce | My Price Analysis | 25 Mar 2021


Hello everyone, so as you can see we're diving into the four hour chart. Bitcoin is down 6,01% in the last 24 hours. So as we can see we did move to the downside. Bitcoin broke our 54000 support line and now we are looking for a little bounce from the key support level (51700-52700) probably to our previous support line which becomes resistant line(~54000). There is possibility, that price then will go up, but most likely i expecting price to back to our support level (51700-52700) and then price should go even lower to around 46500$. And down here i expect to see everyone calling for new lows and bitcoin death, but overall i think that it is really healthy correction. On the daily chart we can see that bitcoin had few 25-30% corrections. So if price go down around 25-30% again we can see that the price will drop to 46500$ level which is perfect place to buy in my opinion.


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Fizz on my Jayce
Fizz on my Jayce

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