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Cryptocurrency Markets On Upward Movement As BTC Reach $9,500

By Dominus1 | My News Gh | 17 May 2020

c30f4e4aa58405bc7ce0b1252e91ba66e78e2ece2cdec247a4d901f3046f8505.jpegThe cryptocurrency market has been a little shaky as it tries to steer it way forward.

Over the last 24 hours, 


BTC for now stands over $9,500 as it targets back to reach $10,000. If you would trade your BTC for cash or Uther currency, then wait for about a week as BTC prepares itself for another great bullish run.


The table above shows the current prices for all the popular and top 20 cryptocurrencies.

BTC had an increase in percentage of 1.34%. Ethereum, the cryptocurrency which holds almost 90% of digital assets on it Blockchain Technology had a slight increase of 0.82%, the same as the last 24 hours. XRP on the other hand moved up 1.00%.


Bitcoin Cash had a positive price percentage of 0.51% with litecoin following on 1.87%.

Zcash, BAT, Chainlink, and Orchid are the assets or tokens wirb great movement of 6.35%, 1.23%, 3.18% and 6.40%.

Digital assets with negative or had depreciating values within the last 24 hours are; Ethereum Classic -0.91%, Ox -2.36%, EOS -0.73% and Kyber Network -1.16%.

With the current trend, cryptocurrencies prepare to make a massive movement due to whales pumping in more assets.

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