Cryptocurrency Markets Continues Depreciating As BTC, BCH etc Drops Price Values

Cryptocurrency Markets Continues Depreciating As BTC, BCH etc Drops Price Values

By Dominus1 | My News Gh | 11 Apr 2020

Well good day fam , friends and passerbys, hope we all doing great despite the Coronavirus pandemic.3143414223-761b40f771f2418c76315c26a0499d154ef7f082d719debceafdaf109b20c39a.png

Am sorry am late for today's cryptocurrencies price update. Well the bad news continues to grow as ones again the Cryptocurrencies Market goes down. Over the last three days there has been downward movement for most cryptocurrencies, even almost all of them. The price values has not been the best of them. Though some climb up in some days and goes down the following day.

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In the past 3 or 4 days, cryptocurrencies like BTC, Eth, BCH, BAT, LTC, EthC, ZCASH, XRP, etc have all lost major percentages of their values and it continues to go down after trying hard to come up from the shock.3143414223-f02ff580e962fcc436fbea4f8b906b1205a35540359fc1eafdb1d6b44f29c31c.jpeg

The latest price values of cryptocurrency assets in the past 24 hours has gone down 0.25% but that does not mean all of them failed to work up or go up. Let take a look at the screenshot below for the current crypto prices:


Btc had another downward movement of -0.76%. BCH also went down -0.54%, Etherium classic, Dai and Orchid followed the negative trend with downward percentages -0.01%, -0.50% and -4.04% in that order.

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The rest of the cryptocurrencies like Eth, Ltc, XRP, EOS, Tezos, BAT, Zcash etc all had price values increasee but not enough to raise the overall crypto market to a positive one.

The highest mover was Chainlink, followed by kyber network. Brave Browser's BAT also did move up in percentage but the faceprice still remains $0.16%.

Do you think there is hope for the future of cryptocurrencies? Or do you think the Coronavirus affected economy will continue to go down. Let in your comments.

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