Live Price Updates: Cryptocurrencies Continue To Grow In Price Values

Live Price Updates: Cryptocurrencies Continue To Grow In Price Values

By Dominus1 | My News Gh | 8 Apr 2020

351665157-1eb340bb3c50e10a577b03ce39cf92da0cb9b5ebf7729c2328d917baed73c47e.jpegDon't give up, never give up, stay strong and move forward. This is the current motto of all cryptocurrencies ever since Coronavirus took over everything marketwise. It even made men go into lockdown and quarantine.

But now crypto is back and back for good. It didn't die but took a step back and is now going forward ever.351665157-d8965a7f4812851a2e21d8d1cbb92def598ae79fe6fcbf441c50aa156437210d.jpeg

In the last few days or probably a week, cryptocurrencies have continued to grow back what they lost. They are in a bull run, within a week, BTC, LTC, Eth, BAT, EthC, ZCASH, Dai, etc have had a big Upward movement. Atleast they have had more than 25 percent increase in price values.

The screenshot below shows the current prices and increases in the top 20 cryptocurrencies over the course of 24 hours.351665157-a94717e1b7e58259ab30da8875e887c95d6de8647133151bee6a59358c149240.jpeg

BTC and Eth which leads the Cryptocurrencies to determine how the market goes had a depreciation in value but it wasn't big enough to cause a slump, as the other cryptocurrencies fought hard to make a gain. The crypto market had a gain of 0.42% within 24 hours. That means, there is no loss in market prices for 7 consecutive days.

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One token which needs commendation is the BAT, the brave Browser powered Blockchain token, after a downside last month, it has continued to gain momentum and continues to climb higher and higher. Investing in it won't be a waste of money as the chances of gaining is 80% higher.

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Did your Cryptocurrency gain enough confidence and is it doing well?

What cryptocurrency do you Hodl? Or are you a crypto trader or just a holder? Let your comments in with questions and as your crypto doctor will answer you on point.

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