17 Apps You Definitely Need To Get Rid Off Your Phone
17 Apps You Definitely Need To Get Rid Off Your Phone

By Dominus1 | My News Gh | 14 Feb 2020

351665157-fb407bd7883ad67308afa5a543e2240001aca69291c285d7d93709c2477caa98.pngThere are many apps on PlayStore which in one way or the other download and use them on our precious phones.

351665157-67e7da2c4ee4b1c3b06226b5c5fbf684d450ad16244a358a184b858a7a1603b4.jpegBut not all that glitters is gold, why? Because some of them are malicious and carry viruses, others seek to sell your precious data by asking of permissions which the app itself doesn't need. Some even ask you to answer some questions and get paid for it but In the end, they refuse to pay.

These are the most dangerous and known apps that you need to download from your phones if you have any of them;351665157-4bb211d806b809d52b59b5d2a409a680311c87e45be42db9dc43cb665e454723.jpeg

QR Code - Scan & Read a Barcode

Period Tracker - Cycle Ovulation Women’s

Screen Stream Mirroring

Explorer File Manager

Today Weather Radar

Wallpapers 4K, Backgrounds 


Transfer Data 

Car Racing 2019

Photo Background

Image Processing

Background Cut Out New

Mobnet.io: Big Fish Frenzy

Imagine Magic

Generate Elves



Each app is reported to have been downloaded over 550,000 times on PlayStore and all that they do after getting access to your data is to sell it and make huge chunks of money off it.

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