Music for Steem - JAMAICAN STYLE (Proposal) - Forever Loving Jah - Bob Marley (Cover)

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My music, my style, my genre: Reaggae + Ska.

I want to share my passion with you. I am sure many of you love the Jamaican-born musical style.

I want to make an official proposal to @musicforsteem@steemingcurators@steemcurator01 and @ciska to study the possibility of launching this specialized section of our beloved music contest Music for Steem.

This time I bring a video of my rehearsals in the interpretation of one of Robert (Bob) Nesta Marley's songs titled "Forever Loving Jah". I did it as a sample of what the talented Steemit musicians could interpret if this new stage of Music for Steem was created, which I called Jamaican Style.

Mi música, mi estilo, mi género: Reaggae + Ska.

Quiero compartir mi pasión con ustedes. Estoy seguro que muchos de Ustedes aman el estilo musical nacido en Jamaica.

Quiero hacer una propuesta oficial a @musicforsteem@steemingcurators@steemcurator01 y @ciska para que se estudie la posibilidad de lanzar esta sección especializada del nuestro amado concurso musical Music for Steem.

En esta oportunidad traigo un video de mis ensayos en la interpretación de una de las canciones de Robert (Bob) Nesta Marley titulada "Forever Loving Jah". Lo hice como una muestra de lo que los talentosos musicos de Steemit pudieran interpretar si se crease esta nueva etapa de Music for Steem, a la cual llamé Jamaican Style.

My Video

Original Artist:


Woah-oh, ya-ya-ya-ya, oy-oh
Yeah-yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah
Oh (we'll be forever loving Jah)
(We'll be forever loving Jah)
Some, they say, see them
Walking up the street
They say we're going wrong
To all the people we meet
But-a we won't worry
We won't shed no tears
We found away
To cast away the fears, forever, yeah
we'll be forever
(We'll be forever loving Jah) forever, yes
And forever (we'll be forever loving Jah) there'll be no end
So, old man river
Don't cry for me
I've got a running stream
Of love, you see
So, no matter what stages
Oh stages, stages, stages they put us through
We'll never be blue
No matter what rages
Oh rages, changes, rages they put us through
We'll never be blue
We'll be forever, yeah
we'll be forever
(We'll be forever loving Jah) forever, and ever
Yes, and forever (we'll be forever loving Jah) 'cause there is no end
'Cause only a fool
Lean upon, lean upon his own misunderstanding, oh, yeah
And then what has been hidden
From the wise and the prudent, been revealed to the babe and the suckling
In everything, in every day, I say, yeah
we'll be forever
(We'll be forever loving Jah)
'Cause just like a tree
Planted, planted by the rivers of water
That bringeth forth fruits
Bringeth forth fruits in due season
Everything in life got its purpose
Find its reason
In every season, forever, yeah
we'll be forever
(We'll be forever loving Jah) on and on and on
(We'll be forever loving Jah) we'll be forever, yes, yes, we'll be forever
(We'll be forever loving Jah)

Definitely, a totally successful idea was the release of Music for Steem - #musicforsteem, since the Musicians community needed this exhaust valve.

"The Missing Piece in the Musical Puzzle of your Life "

Thanks to @steemingcurators@steemcurator01@steemcurator02, and @ciska for making this dream of so many talented artists come true.

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Please, see this post at my Steemit's blog:

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Juan Molina
Juan Molina

I'm passionate about everything related to Crypto and Blockchain

My Music: Originals and Covers
My Music: Originals and Covers

I am an amateur musician. I like to create audiovisual productions of my Original songs. I also do covers. In My Musical Styles, Caribbean sounds, Ska, Reggae, Son predominate. But I also enjoy rock.

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