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Paypal Sucks! - Decentralized Platforms Rule!

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Before starting with my narrative I must confess that I feel in a bad mood. I am very indignant and disappointed in myself. Yes, disappointed in myself, for having believed for so long in centralized platforms. On the other hand, this is one more pro...

How "Emotions" affect the performance of your Investments.

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Each market crash represents an investment opportunity. Investing in bonds is not a viable option since they depreciate. The value of national bonds is inversely proportionate to interest rates, so when nations intend to recover their economies in so...

Was Steem-Engine just an essay?

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Since 2019 Q2, started operating Steem-Engine. This new platform allows anyone to create their own Steem-based token.   Since its launch until today, more than 600 new tokens have been created. Most of them are just test tokens, very few represent...

China - Blockchain City & Its Own Cryptocurrency

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New Chinese Criptocurrency In the past, Much has been said about the prohibitive nature of the Chinese Government in reference to cryptocurrencies and everything related to the Blockchain. The ban on BTC mining is shielded in high energy consumption....

Introductory Basics on Steem Blockchain / Steemit / Steem-Engine - Steempeak

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The adoption of the Cryptocurrency as a decentralized economic system charges spaces every day. Thousands of users from all over the world join the exchange of values within the blockchain, with social media platforms being the most prominent link...

Brave Browser - Update of my earnings until the month of October 2019

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Previously I made a publication very similar to this. But this time I would like to share the update of my experience with the Brave browser and show you my earnings until October 2019.     I really want you to also have this opportunity, at the sam...

NFC Cryptocard for Venezuelans

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Cryptobuyer is a Panama-based exchange house that has been concerned with offering ingenious and innovative solutions in terms of cryptoactive use and adoption.   Since 2018, they have focused efforts in Venezuela with the implementation of their r...

ADOBE Suspends Its Services to Venezuelans

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Recently I made a couple of publications where I addressed the issue of administrative sanctions imposed by the US Administration to the Government of Venezuela and the relationship that these measures could have on the decision of the Venezuelan Adm...

DAOstack - Cooperation ... that's the key!

6 Oct 2019 6 minute read Juan Molina $0.10 tipped

The Human Being as such can not live isolated, but in continuous interaction with his peers, therefore it is a sociable entity. Individuals have to cooperate with each other, because of their personal restrictions, and they must form organizations th...

BandZ Network - The Democratization of the Internet (Blockchain)

6 Oct 2019 6 minute read Juan Molina $0.21 tipped

  Problem Statement.   Considered by the UN as a Human Right, the Internet is currently an essential resource for life. It supports people in the field of communication, research, education, operational support of finance, recreation, etc., which ha...