Foodbook #570 homemade brioche


Good morning my friends, the most easy recipe to create the best small breads for burgers, let’s do it together


570 grams fresh milk (I used light)
18 grams instant yeast
4 tablespoons sugar
160 grams melted butter
3 large eggs at room temperature
1 kg of flour for all uses (we may need a little more)
2 teaspoons salt


Heat the milk to 40 degrees Celsius.
Preheat your oven to 220 degrees with heating elements and line a large baking tray with oil glue.
Put the milk, the yeast, the sugar, the butter and the 2 eggs in the bucket of the mixer and beat them lightly.
Reduce the speed of the mixer and gradually add the flour. We want our dough to be soft and elastic. If it is sticky enough, add more flour spoon by spoon. Keep in mind, however, that we want the dough to stick slightly to the hands.
Divide the dough into 16 pieces. We shape them into balls and place them in the pan, leaving enough space between them.
Whisk the 3rd egg and spread it on the surface of the bread.
Bake for about 15 minutes, until they swell and turn brown.

I really waiting for your comments about this.

Stay safe and healthy my friends and take care of your people

My best wishes from Greece

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