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I have the coronavirus (it's been greatly over exaggerated)

Basic summary: It's really not that bad and I've had worse sicknesses in my life.

The end, thanks for reading.

In-depth summary: Yeah it sucks that I have this sporadic dry cough, heavy lung/chest feeling, light headache, no appetite, fatigue, mild fever, etc..

Because I work a physical job I was allowed up to a week off (but no pay) since the fatigue and general sick feeling does make it hard to work. Just force yourself to eat, take vitamin C, and get your rest and sleep. In like a month this will be over and the news will go back to unfairly nitpicking Trump or some other agenda setting goal. This virus has been greatly over-exaggerated, but at least the companies that sell bottled water and toilet paper at my local Wal-Marts made a bunch of money. Seriously, both Wal-Mart's in my town are completely out of those and other things like fresh meat; it's crazy how people are reacting like the world is ending.

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