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Can't Stop by Red Hot Chili Peppers - Daily Song Facts

2 hours ago 1 minute read comments ChasingAfterTheWind

For this song, lead singer Anthony Kiedis wrote the lyrics around the music. The words are a somewhat random collection of thoughts, with some creative rhyming thrown in to fit the rhythm of the song ("Can I get 2 maybe even 3 of these, come from...

Adam's Song by Blink-182 - Daily Song Facts

10 hours ago 2 minute read comments ChasingAfterTheWind

According to Liza Bermingham, who was tour manager with the band, Blink-182 bass player Mark Hoppus wrote this when he was in a state of depression about being on tour and away from his family. The end of the song is a message that things will get...

Song 2 by Blur - Daily Song Facts

13 hours ago 2 minute read comments ChasingAfterTheWind

This is also known as "Whoo-Hooo," which is the chorus. The title is not in the lyrics, as the name "Song 2" was originally just a working title, with Blur introducing it that way during live performances. Fans soon identified the song as "Song 2"...

Short Song Facts Mix #1 - Daily Song Facts

17 hours ago 3 minute read comments ChasingAfterTheWind

A special edition of Daily Song Facts featuring songs with a short amount of trivia. Enjoy! Fat Lip by Sum 41 This is about lead singer Deryck Whibley's parents. His parents wanted him to be just another normal person, but Deryck wanted to do what...

Stand By Me by Ben E. King - Daily Song Facts

25 May 2020 1 minute read comments ChasingAfterTheWind

Ben E. King recorded this shortly after leaving The Drifters in 1960. It gave him a solid reputation as a solo artist. After leaving The Drifters, King auditioned for the wildly successful songwriting/production team of Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoll...

War Pigs by Black Sabbath - Daily Song Facts

23 May 2020 1 minute read comments ChasingAfterTheWind

This song is about man's desire to kill and destroy. Sabbath got the idea from war stories they heard when they did a show at an American Air Force base during a tour of Europe. They wrote the song when they were in a grim deserted place in Zurich...

Today by The Smashing Pumpkins - Daily Song Facts

21 May 2020 1 minute read comments ChasingAfterTheWind

This reflects the mood of lead singer Billy Corgan, who was very depressed when he wrote it. Corgan was in therapy, suffering from writer's block, and struggling with expectations that Smashing Pumpkins would be the next Nirvana. With the lyric, "...

Glycerine by Bush - Daily Song Facts

21 May 2020 2 minute read comments ChasingAfterTheWind

Gavin Rossdale wrote this about his relationship with his girlfriend at the time, a model named Jasmine Lewis. She is credited as a backup vocalist on the Sixteen Stone album. Rossdale dated her for about five years before their breakup, which was...

Learning to Fly by Tom Petty - Daily Song Facts

20 May 2020 1 minute read comments ChasingAfterTheWind

Many people assume that this song is about drugs, but it isn't. Petty got the idea for it when he saw a pilot being interviewed on TV. The pilot said how it wasn't hard learning to fly... the hardest part was coming down. The song was written in 1...

Drops of Jupiter by Train - Daily Song Facts

14 May 2020 2 minute read comments ChasingAfterTheWind

In an interview with VH1, lead singer Pat Monahan revealed that he wrote this song about the death of his mother. Train released their first album in 1998, and were touring that year when Monahan's mother was dying of lung cancer - she was a heavy...