The Nines 's Review - RyanReynoldsChallenge (18/48)

Before saying anything I want to share a music in the movie.

At the end of the movie there was a music I love and reminded me a lot of good memories because it's also in another movie I truly love name "50/50" with Joseph Gordon Levitt and Seth Rogen. This is the song :



Just because of this movie I'm thinking about making a Joseph Gordon Levitt Challenge and review all his movies 😅

If you want you can let the music play while you read the post, maybe this will make it better :')

I am not gonna lie to you, this was a really strange movie.




I first heard of it only when I made the full list of that challenge's announcement post. And when I watched some opinions about it, I felt like it was liked by the people and for one of the first time, the poster was pretty inspiring and did not look like an American pie.

You will see it but it was really a good surprise to watch this movie. I really didn't know what I will watch at all and I didn't see any bad aspect in it. It isn't really a master piece but if you are looking for something better than his usual action comedies you should definitely try this one.



I don't wanna say I understood everything. And I think the movie is made for that, you're not supposed to fully understand everything happening, just have in mind the main lines of the story. The first ten to 20 minutes start like a movie would normally before going in a more spiritual and philosophic part.

There's is still something to say about this without spoiling everything. At the beginning you follow an actor who just broke his mind and made some shit and has a residence assignment. And I have been really surprised by how much the movie was making that moment really pleasant to see. It was actually really smooth and not trying to make a lot of forced jokes to be funny. That is probably the part of the movie I enjoyed the most, but that's probably because I am more an entertaining movies' fan than artistics' one.


There are really few characters. And I really find them all really intesresting. Maybe something which really turn me on is to have "Roy Anderson" from the office in the movie.


It's making me even more crazy about one of the next Ryan Reynolds' movie where he will star with John Krasinski and Steve Carell.

It really reminded me a movie I watched some time ago with a really wonderful casting called "Réalité" :





The Nines is in many aspects looking like that movie, from the global nonsense to the cinema related story. The Amrican one is just way more serious and a lot more understandable. For both of them, if you like that kind of puzzle movie, you have those two movies to watch !


The multiple styles he has in the movies are all really different from what we are used to see


Compared to the last movies I reviewed, here they are not trying to make him the sexy and strong guy at all. There is even a moment when he's changing his clothes and he's hidden. Which is absolutely different from the too much shirtless scenes in Blade and Amityville.

For me, this movie is one of the few exceptions that show Ryan Reynolds can be a great actor and make other things than just being that sexy strong man in Action Comedies. I don't really remember it but as I remember this is also the case for The Captive



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