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In this post I will talk about the different ways to finance a movie. Especially student's short movies because that's where it is the most difficult to find money.

I heard that in my school, last year, a movie have been funded by drug selling, and the team that made it had the biggest budget of all teams. For a 10minutes movies, they had 4000€ while the others hardly get 1700€. I do not encourage it and do not agree with this process AT ALL, no need to explain why, in the following I will only talk about legal methods to gets funds for your movies.

The first solution, the one everybody probably know is Crowdfunding. There are a lot of websites that let you crowdfund whatever you want. For audiovisual, the most popular are Kiss Kiss Bank Bank, Kickstarter and two often  used in France because they are from here : Ulule and Leetchi. That's the most popular way to finance projects, especially if you already have a strong fanbase, you just have to prepare it ( if you do it well with graphics, images, presentation it will make people have more confidence in your project and be more likely to give something ) and share the link, the fans will pay it for you, that's how some websites like "Noob" did receive more than a million to do their episodes. If you do not have that fanbase, you can always share it an all your favorites social media and spam your friends to give one symbolic dollar.

The second solution is that each member will try to find some jobs to do, and give a part of their remuneration to the project. In this part I assume that I'm not helping, the only cause is : I'm WAY TOO lazy to get a job..

There is another solution, the one we did last year when we had to get 1900€ but we could only get 1300. We have been forced to give some money from our Personal wallet. We were 10 in our group so it was 60€ per person to put into this.

Next, we arrive in more "professional" solutions. We created an association name ThunderProduction, with it we try to get donations from companies benefiting of the government system that allows them to reduce their taxes of 60% the amount of their donation. That way can be very lucrative and could bring us to all be paid for our work ( no need to tell that is pretty rare in most cases of student's films ).

Now, I will talk about very specific ways to get money. For our next short movie name "Le petit vélo" which means "The little bike" in French, we made a Website : Le petit vélo. In this website you can also find the link to our Leetchi page. But, more important, we are in partnership with which is an association that sells Organic chocolate from fairtrade and we get a percentage of the gains. I would love to share the links with you, but we are in charge of the delivery so we will only do it near of us, so if there is any little chance that one of you lives next to Rennes "N'hésite pas a commenter et je te donnerai les liens, mais tu devrais trouver facilement sur le site"

I, and only I in my group, try to find finances with cryptos. And if there is only one chance that one of you did not install Brave browser yet, download it with this awesome Referral link and you will discover the best Browser you never used. I tried to invite my whole team, but only one mate did it ( he love it, that's an evidence ). With the referral program of Brave, sharing the link to get money for a project could really be worth it.

I discovered some days ago that it is possible to sell your unused brandwidth. I downloaded Honeygain. like all others similar apps, it's a decentralized VPN that use particular PC to get some privacy. They pay you $1 per 10GB. Unfortunately, you don't upload at your full speed. In one day I make between ¢20 and $1,5. While at full speed I would upload 450GB each day, what would get me $45 every 24. But, I will never say no to some free cents.

That's all for me today, I hope this would be helpful for somebody, maybe one of you have some advice to get more from these ideas or have something more to say ! Do not hesitate to say it if you think I'm wrong, we can discuss ! I'm french so there can be some faults, say it if you don't understand something I will do my best to explain and improve ! Have a great day 

!! Keep trying !!

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I'm studying editing in school, and I am a huge fan of cryptocurrency. I am looking for the best ways to ally cinema and blockchain.

My journey in cinema industry
My journey in cinema industry

In this blog I will post things I learned about cinema, and share the short movies, ads, and clips I made. I am french so I'll do my best to put subtitles.

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