Love and monsters - What does it worth ?

Hello everyone here !!

Few days ago, my girlfriend and I were looking for a movie to watch. And it was really long, each time I saw a movie I wanted to see, she didn't want, and when she wanted to see one, that was my turn to disagree with her movie.

And she told me "I've heard of a series, it's great with monsters and you know that actor in "The labyrinth"" I was "I don't like him so much". But we watched the trailer and I don't know why but I really like Jessica Henwick, and seeing her in the trailer finally made me want to see it.


Jessica Henwick Jessica Henwick



When starting to prepare the couch to really binge watch it while totally lying under a blanket. We realised that was not a series at all, It's a movie. 1h47. Great news, it would bee faster to watch. And as I thought before hitting the play button, there will probably be a sequel.

The only thing I didn't want was to see Dylan O'Brien being that dark badass guy saving the situation like in The Labyrinth. That's porbably why I dont like him (even if I like the movie 🙄).

Movie LAM.png

The first thing I want to say is that I really loved it. This adventure movie is really great. The monsters are all really impressive and even if they don't have a really original look, they really look like mutant animals (what they actually are, so that's good) but they're really realistic and some of them are even cute.

*The story is simple : An asteroid was nearly hitting the earth so the government sent bombs on it, that saved the earth but the toxicity in bombs made some animals mutate. Some of them became so dangerous that the humans needed to hide in bunkersvaults or any other kind of panicroom.

Joel and his girlfriend Aimee are split in two different shelters and totally lost contact at 17yo. The story starts 5 years after, and they are still in their respective shelters.


The whole casting is really great. They all look different that they used to in my opinion and there is no unuseful character. Everybody have his role and that really works.

While in some aspects the movie can look a little like ZombieLand the casting and the characters are really different. There is no psycotic cowboy getting crazy for sweeties nor any funny rules.

Most of characters are really endearing, not just like heroes, they have weakness and that is really keeping us interested during the movie. Something is loved id some touches of humor with the main character often devaluating himself.


The movie's world is really impressive with a lot of big and terrifying monsters. As I already said before, some of them are even cute. Seeing more of these people learning about the monsters would really be great. That one of these movies I would really like to see sequels and maybe some spin off series.

99% of the humanity disappeared ans 5years were enough for the nature to take back the control, there are plants everywhere. Some moments of the movie really made me want to play Fallout. The post apocalyptic universe is really close to the video game's one. Like The elder's Scrolls (especially Skyrim) look like Game of Thrones and World of Warcraft looks like The lord of the rings


For me, the movie is really great. It has never been boring. And as I say all character are endearing and that really adds a lot of things. From the friendly vault-mates to the lone rangers in the wilds, everyone had something to add and have a real life. Monsters are beautiful, weapons are.. Strange but that's great to see.

I can only encourage you to watch it if you have a Netflix account.. Even if you haven'... With only 1h45 I really thought that would be too short and I often watch to the remaining time hoping that there is a lot of time left because I didn't want to stop watching Joel's adventure.

I have that strange relationship with Netflix. I really find they can do the worst movies as much as real masterpiece. And this one is in between. But it's really a rare piece of great entertaining movie that's not giving you only jokes and big arms, you have feeling, you have fears and it's shown as it should arrive in our world so this is really life size, not like in Avengers where the characters look more like gods than humans with powers. Here if you got shot in the shoulder, you don't have to spray it with nanotech and it's over. Here this could be the end for you because medicine has gone as did most of technologies and industries.


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My journey in cinema industry

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