Knives out - A Movie Review

Hello dear readers ! 🎊

At a moment around February 2020 I watched a movie with a friend. I don't remember what it was, but we decided to make it again soon. After a quicky check on movie review website we decided to watch Knives out and as soon as possible.

After that you know.. work.. trips.. Christmas.. global deadly pandemic, nothing unusual but that delayed the watching of it to yesterday night. 😷


Everything I knew about the movie is that it's a behind close doors movie and has a huge casting. It's an investigation probably about a murder.🔪

After watching it, i realized that first, it isn't really a behind closed doors movie and the casting is huger that I thought (all the actors are on the picture above) ⬆️

The first thing you'll see is that it's really beautiful. There is really a desire to make it look like it was an adaptation of an Agathe Christie, we can see it though different ways. Gifts of all, it's an investigation. The movie is also really english looking even if it's fully american with most american actors, written and directed by the american Rian Johnson. Who is also the director of Looper or Star wars Episode VIII

One of the best thing of that kind of movie is that you don't know anything ! You understand the story at the same speed that the investigators. It last a little more than two hours, it looks longer but you aren't bored at any moment. 😳

All way long I just wanted the movie to last longer to continue to impress me.


Some of the actors aren't acting like they use to. Daniel craig which is playing the investigator has nothing in common with James bond. Here he's more like an american sherlock holmes without that asocial side, Ana De Armas is playing a good girl which wants to help everyone.

(It appears that I have a wrong idea of her usual roles because for me she is that unbearable person like she is in Knock Knock and I thought she was one of the girls of Spring breakers, that mean that I'll have to watch all her filmography😅)

This is really serious film, but that doesn't mean that it's dark and can't be funny. There are some jokes. Those jokes are clearly funny and made me laugh (most of time, when I watch a movie, even if I really like the jokes and funny moment, I'll just do that thing, you know, just blowing air with my nose). Maybe because it's about a murder so you don't expect something to be funny when a throat had been sliced. The jokes aren't like on movies like Acengers or the lasts star wars, to be for a young viewers. That are not even jokes, just moments that are hilarious because everything is prepared to make it funny.

Not like Harley Quinn saying that her crocodile buddy is as ugly in the inside as the outside. 🤢🤮
This movie makes me want to watch more investigation movies in behind closed doors. You should also try all the trial movies.


I hope this made you want to watch this movie because it really worth it !

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My journey in cinema industry
My journey in cinema industry

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