FoolProof's Review - RyanReynoldsChallenge (11/48)

To make it quick. This movie is like a bad version of "Ocean's Eleven".

I don't mean that the movie is bad, but there are some similarities with the other movie but there are less qualities.

I personally enjoyed seeing it's and for several reasons.


The start of the movie is pretty funny. We follow three characters, Kévin AKA Ryan ReynoldsSam AKA Kristin Booth and Rob AKA Joris Jarsky. And they are making something really strange. Their plan a heist as any other people in movies, infiltration, they take pictures of some places to be sure they took the good equipment. They spot the security cameras and any laser possible.

But they don't do it. To be precise, they only simulate it. Instead of doing it for real they recreate the store they want to heist in their basement and do it for fake, just to spend their time, for fun. But one day, Sam get back home and realize that his folder with all the information to make a heist in a Diamond Store have been stolen.

And here the guy who stole the folder want this team to make a big heist worth $20 Million for him and he will give them back their folder. The problem is, if they simulate their heists that's because they don't want to actually steal peoplew they don't want to be outlaw.


I think that the goal of this movie is to show how powerful can be friendships.

All along the movie we can see 3 friends being is really tough situation with a dangerous and violent gangster and always trying to figure out how they need to act to stay alive and keep their friends safe too. They need to judge which moment you can leave your friend pay for a fault he did and when you just can't let him alone in this shit.

They are always afraid of being killed and that's what makes that movie interesting. They are always trying crazy things when they want to get out of this situation alive but don't want to go against their values.


That is the kind of movie that shows that Ryan Reynolds can make something else than just Ryan Reynolds but even if he's good, the movie is not ambitious enough to show how a great actor he can be.

In this movie even if he can say some jokes he's pretty serious, even maybe the most serious character.

Physically he's in that really strange period when he looked like he was between 30 and 40 years old. I sometimes even feel like he looked older than he does nowadays.


I realize that the next movie is Harold and Kumar and I will love it. But after that I have a lot of bah movies in a row and that will be really really difficult to do :')

Blade Trinity is so bad that it's funny, Amityville is half the same but really too much a mess to be bearable. Waiting... Is... Strange, and Just Friends is that kind of romantic comedy but the main character is a Ryan Reynolds, character (like The proposal or Definitely, maybe) so it's strange but as I remember I know a movie which has almost the same story and is better.

Hopefully The Nines will be great, I don't know at all what it is and I have some hope for it !

I'm Highly surprised to see that some time ago (more than a year) Ryan Reynolds Announced Mint Mobile+, a streaming platform wchich was only allowing to stream FoolProof on it, it last only two days but the idea is really funny


Take a look at what it looked like :

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My journey in cinema industry

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