Chaos Theory's Review - RyanReynoldsChallenge (19/48)

I only had few memories of that movie because I only watched it once years ago. I did not even remember what it was about.

I had that great feeling when you discover a good movie. And that's funny because, I'm not discovering it at all !

I really like the name of the movie and in that movie which seems to be a comedy, I'm happy they recreated it pretty well, if you don't know what chaos theory is :

"Chaos theory is the study of change that apparently follows simple rules, but which can exhibit apparently ' random ' behaviour, and which can generate fractal structures"

What does that means ? If you know the butterfly effect, that's basically the same. With randomness a butterfly wing flapping could create a tornado miles away. That means that a small things if added to a chain effect can lead to a way bigger thing.

In that movie, this is pretty well done !

By shifting his watch of only ten minutes, it leads him to fight and learn he's daughter is not his.


The Main Character is a time control freak. He plan his life at the exact minute and makes lists for almost everything and can't loose a single minute (That reminds me I have to make a post about Mr Robot).
And as I said before, his watch time have been shifted of only ten minutes and everything is messed up making him being late at his conference about time and work optimization.

And that continues with a lot of things happening to him and due to that he has a really huge argue with his wife and is forced to quit the house. Since then he stops controlling his life and lets chaos take the control.


This movie is a comedy.

I would say it's pretty dark, but I can't really say that. There are a lot of things that could be making it pretty dark, it's sometimes about suicide or murder. Cheating in a couple and revenge, but, strangely everything seems to be approached by a more cynistic point of view. Like it's just how life works so no problem.

Even if the character looks sometimes like a mad guru who learned how to live properly, a little like in Yes Man, it when he stops that he still learned to have less control to have more surprises from the life.


I feel like I'm always saying the same shit since few movies but. That is the kind of movie that totally proves that Ryan Reynolds can take serious roles and do it perfectly.

The character is great, the movie is great too. I will not say his last movies are bad but I think he will need to make some more serious movies and stop his "Deadpool cynical humor" character if he wants to continue movies in the future.


I'm happy because another movie have been added to the list ! Yesterday more news came from Netflix about a new Ryan Reynolds movie !

The Adam project


And we also have a release date ! Which is I don't remember exactly but in March ! That means I will just add this movie to my list and review it when I reach it, probably few months after it's release :')

The next movie

The next review will be "Definitely, Maybe" and I remember it being a romantic comedy with Ryzen Reynolds cheating on his wife. I think I watched it with my girlfriend and we stopped before the end and I never finished it.

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