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Hey everyone! 

Today is day 2.5 and after several attempts of testing on forest terrains, I have decided to move somewhere super close to the South East Asian region this time; where there is sea and land with somewhat forestry along. 

But before that, let me write out some of the fundamentals that I have learned along the way:
  • Removing natural items like trees / marsh requires expenses.
    So never try to remove anything natural until you already have enough surplus to build something else.
  • You don't need a lot of workers. One worker for a specific category is good enough. 
    If you are in a forestry area, you can always place more wood sheds around the forestry with a pavement road with it. This will save time for the lumberjack to carry wood all the way back. 
    (but he tends to be a little all over the place sometimes. I think it is game system randomness algorithm) 
  • Workers can stay together at the main road; especially the lumberjack, because if you have woodsheds near the forest, he'll dwell there cutting wood more than he is back in his house. 
    (poor lumberjack!)

Ok, with these few basic knowledge on a forestry terrain, you will most likely be able to have more time to accumulate high yield price wood so that you can actually have more time to do some other things and come back maybe once every 30 minutes to an hour to check it for wood selling.

But remember, you only have 40 gasoline; so by the time you are down to the last 10, you'd probably need a lot extra things to handle it.

And if you have your town close to a major city, it only takes 1 gasoline per trip and a lot faster to get your earnings.

And let's calculate when you can start doing some extra stuffs to it. 

  • 1 trip with one gasoline expense for 10 wood yields 5,000 (excluding wages). Wages is around 250 per 8 trips. 
    Every wood collected is calculated as one round. So 10 wood will roughly cost around 10% of your earnings from wood.
  • So by the 20th trip, around 100,000 basic earnings you can start look into ways to replenish your gasoline
    (without purchasing an extra fuel storage)

Making your own Gasoline

This is where the tricky part starts. In order to understand how much you should be spending if your budget is tight (before reaching 100,000)

You will need to have a 2 step refinery process to make in order to have 1 tank of gasoline.

In order to do so you will need: 2 pavements, 1 wind turbine, 1 oil refinery and 1 Worker to start off. 

The best sequence would be: 

1. Invest on a Worker

351665157-55b30890a44bab49d1c854cba444a74f055fc0f6f76e874f713dca206b257435.png Place your worker close to the fuel storage. He doesn't work much yet.

2. Invest on an Oil Pump

351665157-f9604f6ca9b75e32a28d685edb662b21d23ce3d2607a5e3ae537459b816c4846.png You will need a bigger space to place oil refinery and water tower.

Hack: You can also place the oil pump as close as the oil storage as well, if you have enough space. That would even be faster. 

3. Invest on Water Tower, Oil Refinery 

The Oil Refinery will actually needs a lot of water; so if the water tower is too far from it, it takes time for the worker to fetch it.

Tip: if you have enough money to invest on wells, place close to the marsh and ponds; and your farmer / worker can fetch it faster. 

So far I have placed the sequence in this manner as I am experimenting it. 

4. Invest on a Energy fuel Storage.

This is where the blue house is. The water tower, fuel storage and energy storage are its essential; but don't move the fuel storage first because you need to save money. (That's why the worker stays close to the fuel storage)

5. Invest on a Wind Turbine


Hack: Wind turbines actually needs a lot of space to create energy quickly; but you don't need to have a whole road. So it can be a bit of a hassle for the worker to go all the way to collect the energy battery; but in order for it to have the best results it could be best in an open space.

Tip: If you are by the sea side border, try placing the wind turbine there. It will harvest energy faster than over the hills.

Lesson learned: If wind turbine is placed it near the mountains border it will take about 4-5 minutes to generate 1 cell. 

 This is as far as I have learned on a forest terrain and I am still learning trial and error. In order to achieve the fastest and best results you got to know how to play with it. A heavy forest would probably best to invest more wood shed before you start selling off the wood and wasting gasoline; so there's a lot of math and logic planning you need to think through.

This is actually quite nice when you have kids in the family and all of you are stuck at home not knowing what to do, don't let your kids play alone; make it as a family strategy game unit and play around with mathematics, economics and planning to help your kids to think further than just TV programs.

Don't under estimate them when they are about 4-5 years and above; they can think and probably see more loopholes / opportunities than a mere adult may not be able to spot it.

That's about it. I hope that you have enjoyed reading through what I have learned through this strategy game. Some people might invest a lot for speed tournament; but if you would like to crack your head and go through slow roads and read my tiny little discoveries through this game review journey, do stick around!

If you haven't tried it want to adventure in this game, feel free to click on this link.

See you there!


Until then

stay safe, stay healthy, wash your hands

Flatten the curve

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