Tron is Exploding!

The Tron (TRX) network remains one of the main challengers to the throne of Ethereum (ETH). Tron experienced its largest quarterly increase in value to date. But to reduce Ethereum's dominance, Tron has yet to shake off its "Las Vegas on the block" image with its gambling.

According to a report on the dapp industry compiled by DappRadar, Tron "exploded" in the last financial quarter (Q3 2020), reaching "record value" and "continuing to disrupt Ethereum's dominance".

However, the authors of the report noted:

"This growth has been boosted by an increasing level of activity in the high-risk area of the DeFi ecosystem".

The authors noted that TRON underwent "major changes" this quarter, launching version 4.0 of its core network and developing a "DeFi Ecosystem", two positive signs that the protocol could surpass its reputation as "Las Vegas on the block".

These changes reflect the network's ambition to "develop its DeFi ecosystem and attract more visitors," the authors added.

Gaming has also been on the rise in Tron, with a 31% increase in daily activity per quarter, as well as a 109% increase in transaction volumes.

Nevertheless, gaming and high-risk gaming dapps "played a major role in TRON's growth throughout the year and remain the largest category," the authors continued. The report's data shows that 60% of the network's activity is conducted on high-risk and gambling apps.

The authors speak of a "high-risk season" that "continued into the third quarter of 2020" - with a massive 586% increase in the number of active single portfolios in this category since the second quarter (more than 50,000 active portfolios per day).

However, challenging Ethereum's dominance is not an easy task as the data below shows:


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