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US Company Launches First Bitcoin Pension Plan

8 hours ago 1 minute read 0 comments MoneyLearn

US-based Digital Asset Investment Management (DAiM) has announced the launch of an employer-sponsored Bitcoin (BTC) pension plan in the United States. A California-based investment advisor, DAiM, has announced the launch of the first Bitcoin retireme...

73% Of Millionaires Bet On Bitcoin

26 Nov 2020 1 minute read 0 comments MoneyLearn

Another sign of the gradual adoption of Bitcoin (BTC)? A deVere Group survey shows that the vast majority of millionaires already own BTC or plan to invest in the near future. What else is there to propel the asset price even further? Millionaires ar...

Cardano and Litecoin - Velvet Fork for Interoperability

25 Nov 2020 1 minute read 1 comment MoneyLearn

Following the bullish market sentiment, Litecoin and Cardano had a week of significant gains. At the time of publication, ADA and LTC reached their annual highs at $0.16 and $89.52 respectively. In the introduction to the Litening webinar series, Lit...

Ethereum 2.0 - More Than 50% of Required ETH Submitted

24 Nov 2020 1 minute read 1 comment MoneyLearn

After a difficult start, the preparations for the launch of Ethereum 2.0 have gained considerable interest. More than half of the ETHs required for the roll-out of the network have been deposited in the deposit agreement. Will Ethereum 2.0 go online...

Reasons Why Paypal Does Not Integrate XRP

23 Nov 2020 1 minute read 0 comments MoneyLearn

XRP has had an upward performance led by Bitcoin and Ethereum over the last two weeks. At the time of writing, XRP is trading near its annual high of $0.27 and has gained 2.74% in the last 24 hours. In the weekly and monthly chart, XRP is up 9.07% an...

The big boss of the American stock exchanges is on the verge of admitting that Bitcoin is a currency

23 Nov 2020 1 minute read 0 comments MoneyLearn

When the SEC goes crypto-friendly - Jay Clayton, chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), keeps surprising the cryptosphere positively. After revealing that he thought that stock market shares could all end up being tokenized, he now...

Tron is Exploding!

8 Oct 2020 1 minute read 3 comments MoneyLearn

The Tron (TRX) network remains one of the main challengers to the throne of Ethereum (ETH). Tron experienced its largest quarterly increase in value to date. But to reduce Ethereum's dominance, Tron has yet to shake off its "Las Vegas on the block" i...

South Korea to Launch its Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) in 2021!

8 Oct 2020 1 minute read 0 comments MoneyLearn

South Korea's central bank, the Bank of Korea (BOK), has announced that it will launch a central bank digital currency (CBDC) pilot project next year in collaboration with major corporations and national banks. According to Seoul Shinmun and the Four...

Worst than 2011? September eyed for another crash

27 Sep 2020 1 minute read 8 comments MoneyLearn

Stocks have seen a huge drop in the last week, one of the strongest decline recorded in history. This made the dollar incredibly attractive for investor pulling out of their positions. Not surprisingly, the dollar is now flirting with levels last see...

FREE XTZ! Tezos Foundation Faucet

11 Feb 2020 1 minute read 1 comment MoneyLearn

Tezos has been all over the crypto news, from the news announcements of the Tezos foundation to the exponential outburst of the XTZ price. Its price has largely outgrown the growth of the likes of Bitcoin, XRP or Ethereum in the last weeks. Great new...


💰 The FORSAGE xGOLD is coming!

2 Oct 2020 Kalu

08 October 2020
BE CAREFUL THIS IS A SCAM! Forsage is a pyramid scheme that needs you to sign up in order to make money. Don't fall for it

Tron is Exploding!

8 Oct 2020 MoneyLearn

08 October 2020
This is a pyramid scheme. You are trying to scam my followers. You'll be reported.

Worst than 2011? September eyed for another crash

27 Sep 2020 MoneyLearn

27 September 2020
I am not sure that present prices can predict long term future events - but if that is proven to you, use it for your own advantage! I agree however that you should diversify, that is the baseline of investing. I am an enthusiastic hodler and will never sell now but only buy more cheaper. I am not saying this is the end of the world, I just wanted to share my thoughts on another potential big downturn on the world economy and its potential impact on cryptocurrencies. Regards

Worst than 2011? September eyed for another crash

27 Sep 2020 MoneyLearn

27 September 2020
If the continues its fall, then yes! But could also be seen as a 'safe-heaven' and change direction at any time (taking BTC with it).

Worst than 2011? September eyed for another crash

27 Sep 2020 MoneyLearn

27 September 2020
I really hope you are right, but with the outflow of dollars from the stock market and gold, it seems that cryptos will also follow in this time of uncertainty. I really hope I'm wrong!

How to Mine Monero (XMR)

4 Feb 2020 MoneyLearn

05 February 2020
Thanks, appreciate the positive feedback!

How to Mine Monero (XMR)

4 Feb 2020 MoneyLearn

05 February 2020
Thank you for your comment!

How to Mine Monero (XMR)

4 Feb 2020 MoneyLearn

04 February 2020
Thank you civata27!

BE CAREFUL with MinerGate!

3 Feb 2020 MoneyLearn

04 February 2020
I fully agree that it was a bit too agressive from my side. I have changed the title and the cover image. Thanks for your comments again!

BE CAREFUL with MinerGate!

3 Feb 2020 MoneyLearn

04 February 2020
I am glad you had the best experience from MinerGate. My post was just made to make people aware of my experience with this company. As a lot of new comers to Monero mining use MinerGate, I wanted to share the mysterious behaviour I experienced with a lot of other users. I do not question the effectiveness of these two wallets, but I strictly refuse to be forced to withdraw my mined coins with specific providers (which effectively work hand in hand with MinerGate). I believe people are better off using one of the many Monero pools in world and be rewarded by their actual hashing power, rather than using Minergate. I would love to talk about Google, Youtube, Apple, Amazon etc., but as Publish0x is based around the fantastic world of cryptocurrency, I want to keep my first post crypto related. But thank you for sharing your point of view!

BE CAREFUL with MinerGate!

3 Feb 2020 MoneyLearn

03 February 2020
Same for me. Opened my account last year and mined a little amount. And then took it seriously a few month ago with a lot more CPUs. I will be in touch with customer support and keep your guys updated but it doesn't look too positive.

BE CAREFUL with MinerGate!

3 Feb 2020 MoneyLearn

03 February 2020
I tried using but I couldn't since my account was locked. And in order to unlock it I had to go through a HitBTC account creation. The consumer service was happy to say (per e-mail) that they will send my XMR without fees to my HitBTC account once done. I'm glad you could withdraw your coins @Coleslaw but it doesn't seem that easy for everyone..

BE CAREFUL with MinerGate!

3 Feb 2020 MoneyLearn

03 February 2020
Not at all! I am just a very disappointed client that wants to share what many people have been thinking and experiencing with MinerGate. The pool I mention is completely non-profit, with 0 fees and no marketing... The only revenue is from transaction fees. As I came across it after some research, l just wanted to share it with the community that's all.

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So, with the end of the Publish0x Contest in sight, I figure that I'd throw my hat in the ring for a portion of the COVETED PRIZES! Ah, Sweet Sweet Crypto. I hope you enjoy, and learn a thing or six from a "Professional" Internet A**hole, just like m...

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The last two months have shown a major shift in tone when it comes to the digital currency space. It wasn't too long ago, just back in July, when stock traders had declared Donald Trump as the killer of Bitcoin after he moronically tweeted out claimi...

Was Bitcoin predicted in 1999?

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You might have heard about people predicting a world-currency or that economists have “predicted Bitcoin even before Bitcoin existed”. Is this because they had special powers or were there cryptocurrencies before Bitcoin? Milton Friedman 1999 – his B...



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