My first time ....

I tittled this post “my first time....” because is what is about, telling people that you are investing or have the idea to invest or get involved in crypto.

The first person, obviously or may be You don’t, was my wife. She is very confident in my skill and chances to get what I want (I don’t and sometimes I need someone to repeat it). Her face was very expressive, kind of thinking what the hell are you talking and where do you get this idea. After the first seconds, she started to ask some questions about (previously I did research during a month for the first platform I wanted). I explained her the best I could, and at the beginning she wasn’t very confident with it. After few month her point of view has turn 180 degrees and she is “pushing me” to get involved in some areas I am in. 

Afterwards, and confident and the progress I was doing I spoke with my closest family ( Mum, Dad and my brother). I wanted to tell them because, first they are my family and, second to get approval from them. I was more optimistic after telling my partner and I thought they will understand or approve what I was doing. We where having a family lunch and I didn’t know how to introduce it, then I decide to go ahead and surprisingly they didn’t know what Bitcoin was! I explained a bit more and my dad and mum answer was: ”be careful what you are doing and don’t spend the money you need for you and your family on your daily basis”. Until today I thing they are not really interest to much in “my crypto adventure”.

After this step, next episode was my closest friends. Once every 3-4 month I was going to Barcelona to visit them, keep updated and have a lovely tapas and dinner together. We started having some tapas and having an informal chat (families, babies, news,...). During dinner I told them about “my adventure”. They were impressed of me taking this decision and quickly started to ask me lots of questions. After all some one was happy for me!!!!! They knew better than my parents but the only they knew was Bitcoin, I guess because it is the famous one. I explained my different platforms and everything I could, they seemed quiet happy with my responses and the facts I showed them to support my words.

When I came from BCN and landed London I was excited to tell everyone. At work I explained few people they were not quiet engaging on me. I started to explain and I stopped, waste of time. Sometimes if the people don’t engage on your words or facts it is better to stop it and go other way. 

My wife’s friends organised a lunch. I went there expecting usual lunch (work doing, babies, tasks,...) going, having (an excellent, that it was) lunch, afternoon tea and go back home for a baby routine. After dessert we started to plan holidays (🤣, at the time was not bad idea) and I don’t know how happened but, someone started to speak about Bitcoin and my wife explained them what I was doing. We started to speak me and my wife’s friend. We spend talking for an hour or more  until the nap time baby finished. After that we said goodbye. For me was another exciting moment because I didn’t felt alone around me.

My last first time was a week ago, with a guy I am working with. I spoke with him before but not as we did on Sunday. We managed to finish quiet earlier because the people left earlier than usual. This time I took the reigns of the conversation and I started to speak about crypto. The way we were talking and he was listening, remembers me how I was feeling the first time someone talk to me or I watched videos from YouTube or lbry (amazing new site to watch crypto videos without any YouTube block or restrictions). He is looking into it and I gave him some websites to look and check what I told him. 

PD: this little history is real. This is my point of view of the events and how I felt when I was telling the people about. The institucional money starts get in Bitcoin, everyday more and more. My thoughts are most of them will remember our little chat during the next years. 
Outside, there is still a lot of people that haven’t seen the power of it.

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Enjoy every moment with your “princess”. Catch the best of everyone and keep the good moments. Everyday learn something new and keep your mind open

My experience in crypto and lufe
My experience in crypto and lufe

This is posts are my personal view and my experience in crypto world. All I learned, view or tell to close friend that they are not inside crypto

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