Why is KMD hot? Check this out.

KMD is going strong. The question is, why?

KOMODO has a market cap of $114 million. With a $16 million average daily trading volume. Circulating supply of 121 million KMD.

What is special about KOMODO? First things first is the development team. Komodo has an multi-chain architecture unlike Ethereum which is a single chain architecture. Any chain built on KOMODO is fully independent, but inherits all Komodos functionality. This architecture has the capabilities to scale millions of transactions a second. Why is this important and relevant to blockchain future? Think about Ethereum and the congestion along with high gas fees that it is currently experiencing. This is not the case with Komodo.

As the crypto world evolves, more and more developers will see the utility and potential of this technology and build on it and a prime example is the AtomicDex. The AtomicDex is a personal favorite of mine. I've used many other decentralized exchanges, but AtomicDex stands true. The AtomicDex utilizes Atomic trading technology in which you can swap tokens across Ethereum blockchain and various other UTXO based blockchains such as BTC, KOMODO, DASH and ZEC. KOMODO emphasizes fast transactions and security with the development of nSPV which solves om the limitations of existing Electrum spv. With KOMODO, tomorrow's blockchains technology is HERE. 

In conclusion, Komodo's technology and architecture is driving blockchain and expanding it's usefulness. This is not a single use crypto, this is a technology that has endless possibilities which is the single most important factor of its value and valuable it is.


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A cryptocurrency journey ongoing

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