Are Treble Figure APRs History? Splinterlands Paying 415% On SPS Tokens

By john harding | My Crypto Life | 4 Aug 2021

If you are unaware of Splinterlands it is a NFT based card game that is hugely popular right now.

About a week ago the game started dropping SPS tokens as a reward for NFTs, DEC and a few other assets held in game or on chain.

A couple of days ago they opened the staking element of the SPS token and currently this is paying a huge 415% APR.


SPS tokens are currently tradeable on Hive, Pancakeswap, BKEX and and are trading at around $0.33 at the time of writing.


The earning potential here is huge but there is a caveat. There is a 4 week unstaking period once you stake your tokens, with 25% of the tokens returned after week 1, 25% after week 2, 25% after week 3 and the final 25% and the end of the fourth week. If the token ever crashes you would be unable to unstake your tokens in time to liquidate. This is high risk, high gains and we are only on day 9/365 of the SPS airdrop so the token is still new and nobody really knows where the price is going. 

You could of course just play the game and earn from the airdrop as there is still plenty of days left. However starting out can be slow without investing in some cards and you do need a minimum investment of $10 to unlock the summoners spellbook to be able to start earning DEC and rewards chests. Unlocking the spellbook is enough to start playing as you get a deck of playable cards although you don't actually own the free cards you get at the beginning. Renting cards from other players can also be another cheap option to get you started on the winning track.

Not a member of Splinterlands yet? You can join from my link this is a referral link and I would get a few benefits from you joining from it. If you would rather not then that is ok and just means the revenue I would have got from referral stays with the game.


There are large earning potentials here, but also large risk. I am not a financial advisor so please do your own research before deciding to invest and never invest more than you can afford to lose.

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