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You have heard the lies spread by web sites like Restorerepublic.co, which has nothing to do with restoring the real American Republic. Here is some facts that you should take away from their lies. The last video stated that Bitcoin will crash



Bitcoin is not backed by the fake federal reserve note. The entire algorithm was based on proof of work from the miners creating an open ledger. Many states have already built a large bitcoin mining farm, especially in Texas. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/bitmain-opens-large-crypto-mining-091509283.html?fr=yhssrp_catchall This brings value. Another fun fact is that many debit cards for Bitcoin DO NOT EXCHANGE BITCOIN FOR THE FAKE FIAT. The Blockcard for example, exchanges Bitcoin or litecoin, or a various amount of other cryptocurrencies, for TERN, which is another cryptocurrency. This allows the cryptocurrency to stand on it’s own and not be backed by the fake fiat. Bitcoin can not crash because not only the amount of United States mining farms opening up, but the mass amount of loss of Bitcoin adds to the scarcity of it. Since there are many Bitcoins loss, also due to people dying, the scarcity will only increase the value, not diminish it.


Another Fact in proving all people calling for the criminal central Bank NESARA are wrong, let us look at history. If you have a currency backed by gold that is not decentralized, then you will get another Central bank pop up again and enslave the masses. These people obviously have no clue about history, and in order to protect future generations from a possible enslavement, and live as our Founders did by printing colonial scripts, we need only a decentralized currency to prevent this. There is NO OTHER WAY. When it comes to using anything other than real balance, that means Mind, Body, and soul, you can be led astray. Here is what one person found on NESARA, and remember any website, or person that denounces the plan, denounces a decentralized currency for all to prosper, or even denounces gold or silver, should be ignored because their ideas would just bring about the same old satanism and central bank all over again. What must be done is destroy the entire system and make absolutely sure that there is no more central authority that could enslave people ever again




In closing I hope you understand why the TRUMP presidency was important for you to think for yourself, and research for yourself, because others will lead you right to the gates of hell claiming GOD and Love because they are wolves in sheep's clothing. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency will ensure true freedom and bring about that old Bible verse, you know the one, “On their bellies shall they crawl.”


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Author, Veteran, Journalist, Investigator, Patriot. Determined to staying Curious as My teacher, who passed, always told me to do. Believe no one, Listen to everyone, but only trust what you yourself can verify with your own research. Never believe anyone

My Crypto Info
My Crypto Info

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