Time to earn cryptocurrency is now

Time to earn cryptocurrency is now

By Wolf2015 | My Crypto Info | 30 Jun 2021

We have heard the news about El Salvador now making the move to make Bitcoin a legal tender. The next step they have taken was to have an Application of a Bitcoin wallet and all users would receive the Equivalent of $30.00 in BTC in the wallet. This alone will show the price of Bitcoin going up.


Another Country is now focused on Bitcoin


Paraguay now becomes the second domino to fall as they make moves to also use Bitcoin. With this country making moves despite the fake news, this shows why the rapid increase in Bitcoin over the last few days. This clearly shows that the price will now be moving up.


There are now two countries that are accepting Bitcoin which truly shows the Private Western Central Bank can not control a People’s currency. But wait there is still more.


Mexico Billionaire calls all fiat fraud and asks citizens to Hold Bitcoin


The latest is now out of Mexico. A billionaire is not only calling out the central bank Fake Fiat, but he is holding Bitcoin. This individual is asking residents to hold Bitcoin in order to prepare for their inevitable collapse.


As you can see, you should now take every opportunity to earn Cryptocurrency. Use the miners, use the computers, and most of all use as many auto faucets as you can. The price will be drastically going up, and the Fiat Currency will be devaluating until it spirals out of control. Do not be the ones that are not prepared for their collapse.


Also do not even look at their fake Central Bank Digital Currency, because it is not decentralized, and all they will continue to do is steal from you.


The time is now. Take this opportunity to continue growing your financial stability. With the news of El Salvador, Paraguay, and now Mexico, there will be many more countries coming into the mix and using Bitcoin as legal tender. This movement will surely raise the value of Bitcoin due to the scarcity of Bitcoin.







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My Crypto Info
My Crypto Info

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