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By now we can all see that the inflation, or the real devaluation of the Federal Reserve Note, is spiraling out of control. Hopefully, by now you are smart enough to secure your wealth in Gold or silver, and Cryptocurrency. The reason is simple it puts a protection of individual wealth.


The entire Central Bank system runs on enslavement by placing people in debt. If they can not control the currency, there is no debt and the individual is now free of their corrupt system. Let us look at some ways to protect yourself.




If you ignore what these criminals in the Central Bank say, and pay attention to their actions you will see the truth. First, they tell you Gold is not money, which is a lie, and that it is an old relic. All the time they are buying Gold because they know full well that their Fiat currency is worthless.


They also buy up physical property in order to ensure you keep paying them. This alone shoud tell you all you need to know about their true intentions.




Unlike the Central Bank paper currency, Cryptocurrency by definition has no central authority. They can not control it, they can not even find out how much an individual has. Most wallets, like Electrum and others, change their deposit address every-time a payment is sent to it. This makes it impossible for them to discover how much you are making.


Also a private wallet has no personal information attached to it. As much as they lie in the open, you can see that you never filled out any personal information to open your wallet. Usually your wallet requests that you write down a seed which will allow you to re-install your wallet on another device, should the old device become unusable.



Now you can fully understand why they are in a panic. They are beginning to loose control of the population, and therefore loose control of the theft they have implemented on the world for centuries.


In conclusion, please always research for yourself, keep your wallet information private, and never allow any centralized entity to control your money. Let me take a quote that you should be able to clearly see;


If the People of this country ever allow a central Bank to control it’s currency, First by inflation, then by deflation, the Banks and the Corporations that grow up around it will deprive their children of their Liberty. And their Children’s Children will wind up Homeless on the very Continent their Fathers Conquered.”- Thomas Jefferson.

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My Crypto Info
My Crypto Info

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