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How to actually read between the lines when the corrupt cabal speaks negatively about Bitcoin. Let us look at a recent article that was printed.


Charlie Munger says he wishes Cryptocurrencies have never been invented. Let us take a look at what he really is saying. He wishes that they still had complete control of the financial system. He wishes they still could steal all the wealth and keep their billions of dollars while you struggle.


This is not anything new. We have all read about the great depression in our history books, but for those that have experienced it, it was quite different. These criminals that have infiltrated our country, have robbed wealth from the citizens and lived luxurious lifestyles while the common people had to struggle.




Pictured above the wealthy has clearly shown that they have no regard for you as they continued to live their lifestyles without being inconvenienced. These people care nothing for you are the people they hurt stealing your hard earned money by Illegal corporations.




The common people lost jobs, could not pay for homes, heat, food, and reduced to still owing the wealthy. These criminals steal. They have stolen from you, your parents, your grandparents, and every generation because they care only for themselves.


This is the main reason they attempt to bring the value down by fake information. They can sell a lot which will bring it down temporarily, but unlike the days of old where they would buy physical property for pennies on the dollar, the amount of people buying, mining, and especially mining on Zpool the price will bounce back and if they attempt it again, they actually will have less to sell.



The moral of this article is to ignore their lies and propaganda. Understand this, the more people ignore them and continue to earn their own way, the less control they will have over your life

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My Crypto Info
My Crypto Info

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