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At the end of this article I will show you places to purchase computers and ASICS at reasonable prices. First I wanted to take the time to get you to take a step back and stop just looking at Cryptocurrency as just money.


Each unit of Bitcoin, as well as all cryptocurrency, is divisible in one hundred million units. These units can be used for other factors rather than just money. Let me give you an example.


Saving For A Car




Saving for a car is really simple using cryptocurrency. Let us say just for this example you buy a script miner and mine on a multi algorithm pool and are being paid in Litecoin. Each payment is technically now a fraction of the car you want. By sending the payment to a different wallet you are now automatically saving for that car. Each and every payment you receive is now a fraction of that car.


Paying your Electric Bill




Maybe you just want to use each and every satoshi you mine from that multi algorithm pool to pay for each kilowatt of energy you use in mining. A unit of Bitcoin, or any of the other cryptocurrencies, can be used as a kilowatt of energy.



The real true treasure is that a unit of Bitcoin, or any other cryptocurrency, can be used for whatever the individual wants it to represent. If you only look at it for just currency, you miss out on all the applications it can provide.



Now that I have said this we can look into some of the places where you can purchase computers at a very reasonable price. Computers for CPU mining should not cost you a small fortune, but the computer you do purchase should be able to handle what you are mining.






PCLIQUIDATIONS is a site where they have refurbished computers from businesses or even governments that are no longer being used. They are refurbished and re sold to the public. The best option you have is if you want to install linux you can order the computers without an operating system.








One question: Why would you want to pay high cost for ASICS, especially when you can really get them a little cheaper? The Answer is you would not. The cost of miners on amazon have been marked up so high it is not worth your time. The problem is there are those driven only by greed instead of by innovation. Here at minersdepo you can arrange the price from low to high. You can shop by coin and there are a good majority of ASICS that already have a power supply built in.


In conclusion, when it comes to mining cryptocurrency especially, you need to take a step back and clearly expand your own thinking and get what you want out of it.

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My Crypto Info
My Crypto Info

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