By Wolf2015 | My Crypto Info | 5 May 2021

What you have to know is what sets the true Blockchain Technology apart from the Phony Bankers trying to create a false Blockchain. If you are a true person that understands this your bitcoin wallet would be in bitcoin or mBits as the currency instead of FAKE fiat.


I have always said that Cryptocurrency was the true Gaming currency. The mining is full of upgrades and levels in order to complete your goals. The one Goal for CPU miners should be this: THE RYZEN THREAD RIPPER.


Before I get to that, something you should know even GPU’s have either 2 or 4 threads but this CPU has 128 threads




Think of this as saving power and getting the most possibilities. Let us just tell you that if you are mining monero you can use 12 threads on 1 monero pool. You can continue to open up to 10 windows each using 12 threads on 10 different pools to the same wallet.


Or using that same formula to mine multiple coins on Zpool to get paid in Bitcoin. This revolutionizes CPU mining and continues to prove that decentralization and innovation will always win in the end.








I am only writing this to show you that the true gaming individuals that truly understand Game theory would appreciate the fact of constantly upgrading, or getting to the next level. The ultimate goal would be to own 1 or 2 of these computers. The CPU mining would prove the industry wrong, and it would definitely put the GPU’s to shame.


It is time to truly understand that individuals that played games always come out on top with crypto, because they do things differently, and they always travel the roads less traveled by. I do not mine ETH, BTC or any other coin I only use multi Algo coin pools in order to support several coin Blockchains and get paid in one coin. This way mining several coins will always prove to be more profitable than mining only one. I will cover that in the next article.


In conclusion, in a game the objective is usually pretty cut and dry. In the game of crypto, it is really cut and dry. Which coin is there less miners, how to get the best results with the more cost efficient equipment. The game objective should be clear. CPU miners now have a goal at the end of the game. TIME TO PLAY THE GAME.


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My Crypto Info
My Crypto Info

Education of cryptocurrency from a person who actually lives off of mining and how to understand the many ways you can earn. Must research all for yourself, because results can vary depending on your miner and internet connection

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