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By Wolf2015 | My Crypto Info | 29 Nov 2021

Do you remember when you played games such as Monopoly? The target was to buy three of the same color properties. Once you have achieved that you would then build houses on those properties, and then maybe a hotel. The reason for this was the other players, once they landed on any of those properties you owned, they had to pay a higher fee.


An individual that plays games, have the real upper hand in earning and using Cryptocurrency. There is a reason for this. Anyone who has played strategy games understands two main rules;


1. Strategy Game executions


2. Game Theory.


Let us just take examples for you to digest. Weather multiple Faucets, Miners, Computers, the gamer is able to visualize a virtual simulation of an enterprise. The gamer may visualize each individual earning item as a virtual business. If you have ever played Monopoly Tycoon, you may understand this reference.


The gamer has the ability to strategically plan out his or her exact goal. That gamer will then browse and research those earning opportunities that will give them the amount they need to capture their monthly goal.


As the gamer levels up, the gamer increases the earnings but constantly thrives to beat their own goal. This is mainly because the true nature that drives any gamer is COMPETITION. Think about that for a moment. A gamer thrives on competition. The gamer will never tell you exactly how they do something, because it is the art of being competitive that truly give them their edge. The gamer may share help, but they will not go on Youtube and show all that they do. The reason is self-explanatory, The gamer wants to win.


With all this being said it is clear that the main people who truly come out on top with this financial system is a gamer. Looking at cryptocurrency as a virtual world , in it of itself, you can clearly see there are infinite possibilities to succeeding.


In closing, the real question is this; Would you want to be like the gamer, or would you want to continue not to fully understand this magnificent technology.


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My Crypto Info
My Crypto Info

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