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Some of these ways I have covered already, but I thought it would give you other ideas for earning cryptocurrency. I will start from the simple to other ideas. Let us start with some of the ways you can earn cryptocurrency.




You can trade some of the fake fiat you are carrying for cryptocurrency. My personal experience is to go to a BTM (Bitcoin ATM Machine) and put the amount you want on any of their currencies they carry. Most modern BTM Machines offer Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin, as well as some others. The BTM radar will not only tell you the location of the BTM is, but it will also show you what cryptocurrencies that particular one uses.




The one true method is mining. Using a ASIC, or CPU is still the solid way of earning portions of coins for the work you are providing. Mining is the key essential part of decentralization, and it secures the stability of the network.





Staking is another way of earning cryptocurrency by holding coins in your wallet and leaving your wallet open. This method, based on the coin you are staking, not only takes up less resources, allows you to earn dividends for holding the coin. Since there are no sophisticated calculations, you only act as a node for that particular coin. Pretty good way of earning.





There are promotional task sites, such as distributing a promotional video, creating a video review, writing a press release, and other small tasks. Researching micro tasks allows you to earn cryptocurrencies by the method they refer to as bounties. This is also a very clever way to earn.





Start working as a freelancer, we discussed this yesterday. Take jobs on various sites to earn bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Freelancing is a good way to earn. For more information on earning cryptocurrency Jobs go here:  https://www.publish0x.com/my-crypto-info/jobs-that-pay-in-bitcoin-or-other-cryptocurrencies-xnxenvl


Accept Cryptocurrency Payments.




You can download a variety of Cryptocurrency Point-Of-Sales applications connect it to your main wallet and actually start accepting cryptocurrency as a payment. This is truly the best way. You can sell items you no longer need, open an e-commerce web site, have a garage sale, or countless other ideas you may have. Accepting Cryptocurrency allows you to be innovative and become one of the universal access markets.


Earn Cryptocurrency through faucets



Although many people do not understand the strategy of faucets, now a days the auto faucets have made it quite easy. They allow you multiple coins, and multiple earning factors just for earning tokens by viewing advertisement links.


I will not lie to you in the beginning phases, 2013 was very difficult. Manual faucets with a timer and I was working on them for 13 hours a day. Then I bought my first ASIC. Then My first GOOD computer.


The fact is it can be done if you only ask yourself one question, “How Bad Do you want to succeed for yourself?”


Final Thoughts.


I have listed the best ways to earn cryptocurrency. There are mountains of opportunities now. You can do faucets, mine, earn crypto from jobs, and sell accepting cryptocurrency payments. It is entirely up to you, how you want to create your life.

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My Crypto Info
My Crypto Info

Education of cryptocurrency from a person who actually lives off of mining and how to understand the many ways you can earn. Must research all for yourself, because results can vary depending on your miner and internet connection

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