My birthday greeting e-card for my brother themed on his novel experience of parenthood
My birthday greeting e-card for my brother themed on his novel experience of parenthood

My birthday greeting e-card for my brother themed on his novel experience of parenthood

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 Different kind of birthday for my dear brother

Sunday I spent my time designing Birthday greeting card for my brother, who has become a new parent this year on May 19th. Two baby twin girls were born and they are now there to celebrate these kinds of occasions for many more years to come.

So, the highlight of my brothers life now is his baby girls which is why my birthday greeting card featured his babies this year(:

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Well, when I say the babies are the highlights of my brother’s and sis-in-law’s life, I emphasize a lot of things which I cannot explain in words. This has all got to do with the feeling of parenthood, however let me try to elaborate.

 New parenthood starts with the hard work of baby care


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These babies are bringing a lot of happiness and joy to my brother and sis-in-law. It is hard work being a parent, taking care of twin babies. Sacrifices of sleep are the norm, as babies need to be looked after for feeding, diaper changing, and entertaining them as well. However, without complaints, parents do this because they unconditionally love their little ones.

Love powers them with patience, gentleness to care for babies and endure inconvenience(:

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Delight in watching the little ones take their first ever baby steps to everything


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Sweet all this. However, it’s a special movement for parents. They look forward to every developing aspect of the baby as they grow - from their smile, laugh, those gugu gaga baby talks (babies respond with baby noises, pretty cute actually).

Basically, parents take pride in seeing their infant kids grow up and at this point - there is a delight to witness the babies get their first teeth, which will empower them to eat and chew and discover new tastes(must be an exciting experience for them). There is a delight and excitement in babies doing their first turn, crawl, walk etc.

 The brand new clean soul of babies is divinity in pristine form


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Babies are very innocent, pristine souls, which is just a soul stirring feeling. What I mean is there is not an inkling of evil in the baby's soul, as they are creatures that are brand new and know no evil, and their being depends on how they evolve as they grow up.




 The precious darlings of my brother make the theme for this birthday prose message


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Precious darlings of my brother and sister-in-law


So, for new parents the darlings of their world are their babies, and understanding this theme I made this card.

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The sentences I composed wishing my brother happy birthday
are below -:

Happy Birthday Praveen and good wishes to
your family companions,
Who will be there to celebrate
many more times ahead with you.


Bright flavors are sparkling for you (Praveenji) in the coming years,
with two bright stars in thy’s life,
And you along with your soul mate (Nanda) are set to grow further

The pulse of natural excitement is at play as
new experiences await
as these little kins of
you both (Praveen and Nanda) grow

A important chapter in thy’s life has started,
As you along with your counterpart are
entrusted with the role of parents…

Let the experience of parenthood be
enriching, exciting
and fulfilling…

In that note,
Let every birthday bind the family and
initiate enthusiasm for celebrating
every movement of life with love,
merriness to gel you all with
Everlasting togetherness and strength…

Thank you for reading. Cheers for the day!!

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