Insights from reflecting on the passed by Covid-19 year of 2020
Insights from reflecting on the passed by Covid-19 year of 2020

Insights from reflecting on the passed by Covid-19 year of 2020


year 2020, covid year

 It was hard for people to cope with Covid-19 necessitated changes in their lifestyle


covid-19, lockdown


2020, was a Covid vibrant year, it was an abrupt circumstance we had to cope up with and adapt to and this sure must have been a challenging time for everyone.
There was anxiety and fear of Covid, and the measures that had to be taken to be Covid safe, seemed to be stopping one from living their lives, as we are familiar with these terms , “social distancing”, “lockdowns” etc.

In the beginning we took all this literally, locking ourselves at home and being socially isolated, although we eventually adopted to the new normal, learning that “social distancing” should not keep us in social isolation and “lockdowns” had to ease off eventually so that the urban working system continues, from maids cleaning our houses, shops selling groceries, grocery and food delivery services to home restarted etc.

It was evident that Covid-19 would be in the background, and all we can do is live our lives keeping “safe distance” rather than being socially distant and do the needful which we still continue to do(wear masks and wash/sanitise hands) to keep safe from Covid, besides keeping away from large gathering as much as possible.

 Recognizing how hard this period was for many people


mopping, house work, maid


However, the Covid-19 vibrant year taught us many things, not least of which was learning to do house work, including hard jobs like mopping floors, that we had to do when complete lockdown was a norm for a while. This made us see that every work is important so we must respect our domestic helpers who do hard work and treat them humanely with dignity after all it would have been tougher for them, as they don’t have the financial capacity as we do, and lack the facilities we take for granted like a big house where we can quarantine ourselves with no paucity of water to wash our hands with.

We should be grateful we are secured, compared to many struggling this time due to Corona lockdowns that impacted them with reduced earnings, and some having been laid off. We can imagine how hard it would have been for many of the less well to do manage their daily expenses, which looked like they have only got costly after Covid-19 as food inflation was high. There was utter chaos and it was a pressing time for many.

 Maintaining ourselves by continuing to pursue our simple recreational activities


nature, greenery

Eventually, most of us worked out a formula to live meaningful lives during the midst of the pandemic. We continued to enjoy and cherish the morning walks in the flat campus, and felt grateful for the green vibrancy around the flat campus. The campus was safe and offered something to everyone - senior citizen walkers, group walkers, bicycling children for sunshine was abundant right downstairs. Evening walkers were catered to too, and social interactions happened, warmth and pleasant greetings shared, for a cheerful, energised day.

We had enough space to do what we needed to do for exercising right in the flat campus, which we should be grateful for. This offered us free entertainment of course, enjoying these simple pleasures of life went a long way to make a part of our day happy and vibrant. Those who made time for these recreational pursuits, learned to ‘live in the movement’, in other words ‘being present’ putting aside their anxiety and be in their happy state for happiness is a state of mind much influenced by the happiness hormones that spring up exercising, socially interacting or when one is immersed in nature.

Living purposefully and keeping our minds engaged



Eventually, we found energy and made time to improve our skills, leveling up ourselves, gearing up with strength for tomorrow’s uncertain world taking it one step at a time. We found activities that keep our minds productively engaged.

Even in normal times, we should always aspire to do what life intends us to do, by recognizing our passion and living it, doing what we are meant to do as we are passionate about it. Blessed are those who have jobs they are passionate about. Once we catch the current of our passion and pursue such activities and work, our lives will be fulfilling and purposeful, for this is actually living one’s purpose, which is something grand.

The habit of meditation kept many people balanced


meditation, balance

A lot of us got into the habit of daily meditation to clear up our minds, empty it of anxiety and relax ourselves, by keeping our breath in tune with our body and maintaining balance. Eventually, this powered our concentration, improved our productivity, helped us in keeping calm. The mind is the nucleus of our soul, when it’s in balance, we become more powerful filled with positive energy and strength.

 Life is bigger than what we can imagine so we can only gear up to face it’s challenges


2020 year


After all, life will always have its ups and downs, and we can only work on ourselves to be capable of facing them with dignity and character. We all have our limitations, we all have negatives, but we must find our positives, we must make them our strengths and face life without giving up on ourselves. Eventually, this would thaw off our weakness, our limitations, our negatives, as we are bigger than our constrained selves, once we unleash our potential.

 Support of people and Community gives strength in pressing times like these


community, strength, peoplepower


Community is a big strength at these times, and we should all be grateful for all the work done by groups and volunteers both outside and inside our flat premises, to manage the Covid situation, which made all the difference in certain cases between survival of the COvid affected.

Kindness and generosity go a long way giving support to the affected as empathy is love and humans as emotional beings need it. Therefore, our efforts should always be to strengthen communities, work together to create a secure space around us, that benefits not just us but also other numerous people around us.

 We have to be prepared as a Community and gear building resilience against forces of climate change


solar energy, sun, renewableenergy


Future is predicted to be presenting us with more challenges as the climate change threat is looking poised to play out causing devastation . As a community, we must build resilience doing what we can to secure us. Water scarcity crisis is an issue for which we should think of smart ways to alleviate it using various technologies for recycling and reusing this precious finite product, rather than use it and then let it flow away going waste to the ditch.

It is time we think of limiting the use of thermal powered energy to meet our electricity needs and shift to solar powered renewable energy technology to meet our electricity needs in a clean way.

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