Exciting news now in the Covid-19 front with successful results on vaccine trials - FIngers crossed
Exciting news now in the Covid-19 front with successful results on Covid experimental vaccine trials

Exciting news now in the Covid-19 front with successful results on vaccine trials - FIngers crossed


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Promising results on the effectiveness of certain Covid-19 experimental vaccines

Of late there has been news of vaccines whose experimental trial data results have shown that they are very successful in offering protection against the Covid-19 virus.

Vaccine candidates of Moderna Inc and Pfizer have completed late stage; phase 3 trials of their experimental vaccine whose results were validated as being very positive.

Reference site - https://indianexpress.com/article/explained/coronavirus-covid-vaccine-latest-update-november-15-7052318/

Preliminary data on the final clinical trials of these 2 vaccine candidates are super positive!!

Moderna Inc has declared that the preliminary data from the phase 3 trials of their mRNA vaccine candidate showed that the vaccine was 94.4% effective against the Covid-19 virus. A week before them, Pfizer reported that their vaccine candidate in the phase 3 initial trials showed that it was 90% effective against Covid-19 virus.

All this is welcome, positive news. These vaccines look like they may soon be administered to priority and high-risk groups where their effectiveness would be tested further. This is definitely, one of the most exciting news in the Covid front!!

 This positive news got reflected in the share price of Moderna Inc

What’s also interesting is that Moderna Inc’s share price recently shot up when it made the announcement about their phase 3 vaccine trial results. The news looks to have been well received by the market that day, on November 16.

moderna inc share performence

Moderna Inc’s share price on November 16 shoots up from 93$ to 100$ after the news of the
successful trial results of their vaccine candidate against Covid-19.

Reference site - https://cryptopotato.com/moderna-covid-19-vaccine-news-sends-bitcoin-to-a-new-2020-high/

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