My C.J. ep.10 - How crazy are the fees to move our tokens???

My C.J. ep.10 - How crazy are the fees to move our tokens???


I have just opened my Atomic Wallet... and I was totally shocked to discover the Network fees became so ridiculous! is it a joke??? 




9 dollars! and the minimum gwei is 255, increasing constantly...




I'm really shocked, because to move my tokens I should spend much more than I have.


Well, I read it's a momentary problem (too much traffic) and the developers are already trying to find a way to reduce them in the future, but the question is at this prices today it is impossible to move the DAI, the LRC and the BAT tokens I collected here on publish0x.


This makes me ask myself about the benefit of holding tokens (I promise  myself to study it) since there are coins with very low fees (like Bitcoin Cash or Doge) or even without fee (like Nano or Banano).




Weeks ago, when I decided to use Atomic Wallet instead of an Exchange to collect my tokens I didnt think (or better, I didn't know) about the expensive network fees to move them. But, in retrospect, that might have been a bad idea since withdrawing directly on an exchange would allow you not to be afraid about the network fees, because for example if you suddenly need money you can convert your tokens in a coin with a lower fee and move it.


Anyway, I will wait for better times, I don't need to move my tokens, but having seen how much the fees are, forces me not to consider this eventuality even if I would need it. 


Honestly I never made a list of my favourite coins, I need to study the question, but this aspect of Ethereum and its tokens is a little bit hateful in my eyes.


Thank you for reading ❤️

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