Road to PS5 for free

Today I will start trying to earn money in cryptocurrencies or on paypal in order to be able to buy the ps5 as soon as possible. The ideal start would be 0 dollars, but I already have something in my wallets so the real start will be with a little over 4 $.

Here I will list all the sites / apps from where I want to start profiting. Over time I will write articles that will cover all the sites I currently use. Obviously over time these sites will become more and more and the actual profit will be more and more every day.



1- Brave Browser: start - 2.3 BAT

2- Pi network: start - 465 Pi     -articolo-     -sito-

3- Publish0x: start - $ 1.01

4- Free dogecoin: start - 3.45319617 dogecoin

5- Indigocoin (probably scam. I wrote an article about it): start - 5 dogecoin

6- RollerCoin: start - 1.2 dogecoin



7- Happy Swine: start -  $ 0.15

8- Current app: start - $ 0.12

9- BuzzBreak: start - $ 2.13

10- Wedefi (soon I will write an article about it): start - 0.38 FSN    use code Mattianazionale ;)

Doing two maths, this adventure begins with a total of $ 4.06 and 9.7 Dogecoin.

Over time we will see how many my earnings will be and which app / site will be the most paying and we will see even if some site proves to be not very serious.

I hope to reach the amount with which I will be able to buy the new Playstation 5 as soon as possible.

If you also want to take on this challenge with me, of course I leave you all the links to register on any sites / apps.


I thank in advance all those who will follow my path.

Follow me to see my progress and don't miss any other articles!


If you want to recommend other sites to earn free cryptocurrencies or money, please leave me a message below.

If you are also authors and you want to start this journey too, I will be happy to read your articles if you send them to me.

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