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PI Network: a resource or a waste of time? Are they totally free?

Today I would like to talk about a new cryptocurrency. The currency in question is the "PI", born not long ago. At the moment, this coin is practically useless, in fact it cannot be exchanged or sold for other coins, but can only be mined. Indeed, the most correct term in this case is to earn. And how can these "PIs" be earned? Very simple, just install the dedicated app from the play store for android or from the app store for IOS, sign up with facebook or phone number and you're done, you can immediately start earning this coin simply by pressing a button.

The question I asked myself when I started earning PI is the following: but can it affect the functionality of my device? From what the developers say, the app should not affect any functionality, does not consume the internet in the background and does not use battery. In fact, over time I have not noticed any reduction in the performance of my device.

Another question I asked myself is the following: but how much is this coin worth? Here, this coin has no real value but soon I will take one. In fact, now it has only a symbolic value of $ 0.006, but as soon as phase 3 starts, the currency will finally have a real value and can be exchanged for other currencies.

So earning this currency is a long-term investment, in fact the more it will take on value over time the more those who started mining before phase 3 will earn it.

A positive note of this application is that those who sign up must necessarily enter an invitation code from someone, so this is in favor of those who invite many people. Inviting other people is the fastest way to earn more PI per hour.

In addition, an added convenience is the ability to connect your open account on a mobile device to your computer by downloading the application from the official website.


If you are interested in this beautiful initiative I recommend you download the mobile app and enter the "Mattianazionale" code in order to start earning passively.

I recommend it to everybody!!!

Many more clarifications you will find on https://minepi.com/

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