- Day 3 - 21.06.2020

If you haven't read the first article where I talk about my "road to ps5 for free" yet, go and read it here!

Today I bring you the update on my earnings after only 2 days from "DAY 1" of this crazy adventure.

1- Brave browser = 3.2 BAT

2- Pi Network = 524 Pi

3- Publish0x = 2,30$

4- Free dogecoin = 19.26932676 Dogecoin 

5- Indigocoin = 5.8 Dogecoin

6- Rollercoin = 2.5 Dogecoin

7- Happy Swine = 0,29$

8- Current app = // 

9- BuzzBreak = 2,14$

10-Wedefi = 0.80 FSN


Tot = 5.90$ + 27,57 dogecoin + 524 Pi

d39567dec48c02fb60cd712f76efad15cadf3934d1781cbf1788dcaf09bb1e7b.jpeg ( It will be very very hard...)



Current app will most likely not continue to use it because I find it bad to use it. Soon I will replace it with another app.
Such a large increase in dogecoin on "free dogecoin" is mainly caused by all the people who signed up via the link I left you in the last article. I sincerely thank all those who want to support me by registering with my refferals.

I really thank all those who have recommended other apps and / or other sites to make money online for free, I am trying them all and those with whom I will feel good will continue to use them and I will insert them in the next articles. In fact, not all of these sites / apps listed above do not use them only because they make money for free, but because they have nice interfaces and are easy to use.

Leave me a comment below with your opinions on this hard path of mine, I will answer everyone;)
I hope you like it, I honestly don't know whether to bring daily updates or updates with an average of about 3 articles per week, it depends on what you prefer.



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