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Right now, while I am writing this comfortable article on my armchair, I am earning dogecoin. Without doing anything. Obviously I'm not talking about billions of dollars, but to do nothing, an average of 0.001-0.005 Dogecoin per minute is not thrown away.
And probably now more than someone will have already left the article, but to the few who remain I will explain how this site works.
However, before actually starting to earn dogecoin without doing anything, you have to create an account on faucet pay, just enter a valid email, a username and a password. Now, created the account you need to go to "deposit" and copy your address to receive payments in dogecoin.


Copied this address, go to digitask.ru and enter our address, solve the puzzle and click on the blue button to go ahead. Then a screen will come out where he will tell us that the site has already paid us directly on faucetpay. On this screen you can click on auto - faucetpay.io. By clicking on that button and solving another puzzle you can start earning simply by keeping the page open


On faucet pay, in the earn section you can earn many other cryptocurrencies for free, such as bitcoins, etherums and bitcoins cash. Maybe I'll write another article about this though.

aed191b762c416718bb16608e7be4589eca316ad60c0fbc607bf5b8a7b924655.png In less than 2 hours of passive gain.

Obviously you don't make much money with this site, but you just have to keep an open page, so I don't think it's bad as a passive gain.

Below I will obviously leave you all the links to be able to personally try this site. If you sign up with my refferal code you will also give me a huge hand. Thanks to everyone who supports me in this way.



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