Why I shared My $BCH wallet's Secret Phrase online without any hesitation
Why I shared My $BCH wallet's Secret Phrase online without any hesitation

Why I shared My $BCH wallet's Secret Phrase online without any hesitation

By UjjwalAditya | My Blog Diary | 28 Sep 2021

    Hello friends,


  I Hope You all are fine and doing your favourite Job with having a little touch of the Crypto World. Yesterday, I was trying To import My $BCH Wallet into the Bitcon.com application using 12 words Secret Phrase. But after 5+ failed Trial I am unable to restore My wallet.  

So My mind told Me there is something fishy But I don't know What. Then I started searching Blogs To YouTube, Twitter To Noise.cash and everybody was telling me  Try again and it will Work.   One of My friends owenlars12 has Shared all possible 2048 words Github page link .  

So If I am trying to unlock the lock with the Wrong Key.  

  Since I am using the same Secret phrase that is visible on my noise.cash account, so my friend's Help doesn't help me. But Yes I learnt something Extra ( 2048 Word Sheet ) with his help.  

I got a reply on my noise.cash post from my friend Demonlord where he is asking for Secret Phrases, So He Can help Me ( I Know he was joking) .    

But My Mind Said, " Let's Play a Prank " 🤡


  So first I withdraw all $BCH from my noise.cash wallet to another wallet. Then I took a screenshot of My Secret Phares and I Shared It publicly on Noise.cash. Yes, I also Tagged my friend to know his reaction :)    

Since My Wallet's Secret Phrase is available and if anyone can import it then they can access my wallet. So The next Thing is to change My $BCH Wallet address.

So I changed/updated my wallet address But How?

 If you remember In my last post I talked about how to set up Your wallet on noise.cash but here I am going to updated my wallet address.   So it was a little tricky Compare To the last tutorial but yeah, It's not hard :)   So I Cleared noise.cash Cookies and data from my Brave Browser and Refresh the Page. Since I removed all data, so I need To log in again on noise. cash with my login details ( Emails and Passwords ).

   After Login I did the same as what I write here I mean How to set up my wallet like a new person.  


Then I received a mail to confirm this change.  

Your wallet address is changed 🔥 After confirming the change my wallet address is changed.  I received a notification that my wallet address is changed.

Your wallet address is changed


  I hope you learn something extra after reading this post, if yes then put your thought in the comment box :)    

Connect with me on https://noise.cash/u/Adityaa

Note :- Never Ever Share Your Private Keys or Secret Phrases With others


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My Blog Diary
My Blog Diary

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