JavaScript Coding: I May Have Underestimated Things

JavaScript Coding: I May Have Underestimated Things

By R23 | My $25,000 Mistake | 5 Jan 2021

Hey all,

Intro: I thought I would provide a little insight into how my coding journey is going. I've done an ok job of staying away from gambling (slip ups here or there), but I have been rather consistent in my coding practice. Though I am still on the basics, I have signed up for a CodeAcademy Pro membership and am 30% done with their introductory JavaScript course!

My Takeaways: WOW I have SOOOOO much more respect for developers of all the electronic equipment I've been using throughout my life. After staring at my computer screen seeking errors in my "rock, paper, scissors" game for an entire hour, I considered smashing my computer against the wall after finding out that my error was an uncapitalized word in a variable. ONE letter stopped the code from running properly. The attention to detail in this field is incredible and I can only imagine how painstaking it must be at a more advanced or macro level. Props to any developers out there, you don't get remotely enough appreciation.

Goals: My goal is to finish this JavaScript curriculum and then start to experiment with building some small programs. I also plan on taking my knowledge over to Cardano's Marlowe platform and trying out their JavaScript-based engine to build a financial contract for an idea I've had in the works for ages. I hope to update everyone on this journey and continue my journey over at documenting the stories of successful members of the cryptocurrency community. I hope to keep writing articles for the months to come and look forward to sharing my growth!


Good luck to everyone with whatever you are trying to accomplish this year, and if it seems like you can't get things to work, try changing one letter somewhere in your life lol.


For fun, here is the god forsaken code snippet that drove me nuts yesterday, computerChoice: 

console.log(determineWinner('paper', 'scissors' ))

console.log(determineWinner ('paper', 'paper'))

console.log(determineWinner('paper', 'rock'))

const playGame = () => {

  const userChoice

  = getUserChoice('paper');

  const computerChoice

  = getComputerChoice();

  console.log('You threw: ' + userChoice);

  console.log('The computer threw ' + computerChoice);

  console.log(determineWinner(userChoice, computerChoice));



A new cryptocurrency investor looking to learn as much as possible about smart contracts and coding!

My $25,000 Mistake
My $25,000 Mistake

This is a small introduction about my life situation and where I hope to improve in the future. It is an introductory post to my journey in coding.

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