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Purchasing SafeMoon via SafemoonMark's SafeMoon Swapper

EDIT: With the release of the mobile wallets for both Android and iOS, I actually strongly encourage you to disregard this smart contract in favor of their Safemoon Swap functionality, built into the wallet.  They are largely the same in functionality, but the wallet will be officially supported and maintained by the Safemoon team.

Hello Publish0x, and Hello #SafemoonArmy.  It's been a minute since I've written anything, life's been busy, and I haven't had any strong ideas for what to write about.

Well, all that has changed now, as today I successfully ran my first smart contract!  It was the SafemoonSwapper, created by SafemoonMark.  It's a simple little contract that allows you to send BNB to the contract, and it returns Safemoon at an optimal price from PancakeSwap.

Why I like this contract:

1. It handles the slippage expertly with PancakeSwap, ensuring I get the best possible (current) price for Safemoon. 

2. My private keys never leave my computer. I'm not directly logging into PancakeSwap (or any other DEX), thus limiting my exposure and risk.

3. It's fast! I had my Safemoon in mere seconds after sending, after the transaction was confirmed on a few blocks.

Without further ado, here's how easy it is to use this smart contract!

This tutorial is based off the _optimized_ smart contract (Safemoon Mark has published a previous version that requires more gas). You can find it here: 0x595479a3b6e92983b5b79bee2be115aac3df76aa - It's really important that you double and triple check this address to ensure you are sending it to the right location.  The link opens up to the BSCscan for the smart contract.  You can also see that Safemoon Mark has tweeted this same contract, saying this is the optimized version.

Now, the thing you'll notice is that he recommends a gas limit of 1,200,000 for this optimized contract.  Not all wallets are created equally though.  Initially I tried to run the smart contract from the Binance Chrome wallet, but, when I couldn't see a clear way to increase gas limits, I decided it wasn't worth risking a failed transaction.  I opted to use MetaMask for this, as I was able to set the appropriate gas limit.  Here's what my MetaMask looks like, right before the transaction:
MetaMask Safemoon Swapper Example

** I have saved this smart contract address as 'SafemoonSwapper' in my MetaMask contacts, for simplicity, and so that I don't need to second-guess the smart contract address.  I recommend that you do the same the first time you run this contract.  All you need to do now is set an amount of BNB, click next, confirm the transaction, and wait!  In a few seconds, your BNB will be swapped for Safemoon at the current market price!

**** This post is not shilling Safemoon, and should not be considered as investment advice. Do your own research, make your own financial decisions, and stay safe out there by double checking all crypto transactions before you send them.

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